Great News – and lots of photos!

Jenny and Betsy took a trip to our vet today …

… no, there’s nothing wrong with them: it was merely a visit for them to be pregnancy checked!

Our two expectant AKC Golden Retriever Mothers

At 25 to 28 days into a dam’s pregnancy, her pups can be felt as little soft golfball-sized balls in her uterus. After that time, those balls grow longer and are no longer as easily distinguishable, and prior to that time they are too small to be easily felt.

Beautiful blond AKC Golden Retriever Jenny

Dr. Polinger welcomed Jenny and Betsy, all four children, and myself into her cozy waiting room. A few minutes later, we made our way to a back room. Jonathan walked Jenny with the carefree enthusiasm of a four year old, while Betsy padded quietly by my side. Jenny’s turn came first. She took some gentle encouragement to hop onto the scale table, were she lay quietly while Dr. Polinger gave her a general exam and then started gently palpating her abdomen. After a few minutes, she commented,

“Yes! She’s definitely pregnant!”  Hurray! Jenny and Shep’s pups are on the way for sure!

AKC Windy Knoll Jenny poses for the camera

Betsy’s turn came next. She thought that the whole exam was just so she could enjoy a nice rub and scratch, as she relaxed on the table. The children watched carefully as Dr. Polinger palpated Betsy’s abdomen; I watched closely too, hopeful to learn a few tips from the expert! Dr. Polinger explained how and what she was feeling for – I gave it a try, but apparently, I need some more experience, as I couldn’t feel anything definite. Dr. Polinger could, though:

“Oh, yes, she’s definitely pregnant too, and it feels like quite a few in there!”

Our Golden Retriever Betsy loves to be pet

I hadn’t really had any doubts, but I still was so excited to hear such good news from our vet! Jenny and Betsy are doing wonderfully, especially enjoying the beautiful, warm, spring weather that has finally arrived in our neck of the woods. Lazing in the sunshine, ambling along on our walks, and watching the children’s enthusiastic outside play seem to be their choice of activities right now.

AKC Betsy, golden retriever, enjoys snuggles

And for those of you wondering about Polly….she’s doing well too! She hasn’t been bred yet; we’re still waiting for her to come into heat. Dr. Polinger assured me not to worry, she’ll be coming into heat soon. (And her time frame for her heat is this month anyway.) In the meantime, she is full of the enjoyment of life and beauty of spring! She was thrilled when the children were trying to climb the tree in her pen yesterday, and would have climbed it with them if she could! As she couldn’t, she contented herself with standing guard at the bottom, and preventing me from getting a good picture of her because she just had to come over to me for attention, much to close for any good photos! :o)

Our three AKC golden retriever females

And there’s more going on here – remember when I mentioned these plans?

New Doghouses for Windy Knoll Goldens

Well, work on our new dog houses/puppy houses has started in earnest! My father in law is heading up the job (along with a little bit of enthusiastic help from Jonathan, and plenty of observers in the rest of the children) and the deluxe houses are shaping up nicely! Greg and I planned and measured out two new pens yesterday in the cool beauty of the evening. We hope to start work on those soon.

Our AKC Golden Retrievers give me a warm welcome

Have a golden day….

The Moores
~ Greg & Arielle, Jonathan, Mary Grace, Esther, & Elizabeth
…and our Goldens: Shep, Betsy, Jenny, & Polly

Our three AKC golden retriever females

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