Puppy Pictures!

Betsy and Jenny’s puppies are ten days old today! Healthy, robust, and thriving, it’s simply amazing how much they have grown in just a little over a weeks time – they’ve nearly doubled in size! No wonder these little cuties are always busy nursing or sleeping! Check out the newest puppy pictures below.

AKC Golden Retriever puppies are adorable!

You can’t see it in the following photo, because Betsy’s little boy was sound asleep in Jonathan’s lap, but this morning, we discovered that the puppies have reached a new milestone: their tiny eyes are open and ready to view the world!

Dark Red AKC Golden Retriever Puppy

Snuggling the puppies is a daily highlight for the children.

Jonthan cuddles Betsy's only boy puppy

More snuggles for our week old puppies

Golden Retriever puppies loves snuggles

Did you know that it is possible for a puppy to sleep in many different positions? A highly entertaining activity around here is simply to watch each litter of puppies as they arrange themselves for naptime. A chorus of tiny squeaks and grunts accompany the squirms and wiggles as each puppy tries to find the most comfortable spot – be that draped over a litter mate, or nestled beneath a pile of siblings!

Betsy's dark golden retriever puppies sleep in a heap!
Betsy’s puppies have finally arranged themselves just right and are fast asleep!
Jenny's AKC Goldens napping in a pile
Jenny’s puppies are also blissfully resting in dreamland.


Esther helps bring our mother dogs their food

Esther is my happy little helper when it comes to preparing the mother dogs’ meals. With the demands of nursing all those babies, we add some extra nourishment to each meal. Eggs and raw liver contribute needed protein, iron, and vitamins for healthier moms and pups, while apple cider vinegar added to the drinking water boosts Betsy and Jenny’s mineral intake. Betsy and Jenny enjoy each bite and are doing great! They’ve been shedding hair like crazy, as the birth of the puppies triggers this extensive shedding as they rid themselves of their thick, fluffy winter undercoat.

Speaking of Jenny and Betsy, it’s time for us to go bring them out for a break! Enjoy the photos!

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