An Update on Windy Knoll Polly

More than one of you folks have inquired concerning the status of our Windy Knoll Polly. How is she doing? Is she bred yet? Any more specific time frame?

Windy Knoll Polly from Windy Knoll Farm

Well, the answer to the first questions is: Polly is enjoying life everyday here on Windy Knoll Farm, lazing in the shade or sun depending on the temperatures at the particular time, romping with our new puppy, Jack, chasing tenis balls, and sometimes joining in a stroll down the rode.

Spending time with Golden Retrievers is a treat

The answer to the second question is: No, Windy Knoll Polly is not yet bred, which leads to the answer of the fourth question: the time frame for puppies is still variable, and of course will be until Polly is bred.

Mary walks one of our AKC Golden Retrievers, Windy Knoll Polly, down the road

We hope to have more concrete news soon!!

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