News from a New Puppy Owner

It’s been almost a month since our two summer litters of AKC Golden Retriever puppies have gone to their new homes with their new puppy owner. And as usual, after the busy puppy season, we tend to take a break from frequent updates here on our blog and website. However, we’ve got plenty of news and happenings here at Windy Knoll Farm, but first I wanted to share some thoughts from some of our new puppy owners. Hearing these comments in the days following our puppies homegoing just delights me!
Got the paperwork and thank you!  This past weekend we brought Lily to our lake house.  Our friends next door were having their annual reunion party of school friends and Lily was a hit.  She was very well mannered and extremely social with everyone.  She impressed all that were there and as a result I was asked by many who the breeder was that we got her from…so I bragged about your Windy Knoll Goldens all day.
I cannot get over how smart she is.  She’s pretty much potty trained already and now asks to go out.  You should be so proud of the careful breeding that you do.  We love her and so does our old shepherd Rusty.  He lights up every time they go out to play.
Thanks so much and please feel free to use us as a reference.
Best regards,
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