A Dozing Duo And More

Adorable two week plus old AKC Golden are raised by our family in New England

Almost too cute for words, these two puppies from Polly’s litter conked out on the kitchen floor after a snuggling session last evening!

AKC Golden Retriever puppies family raised in New England are cute from almost every perspective

Both litters of puppies, Polly’s at almost three weeks old and Betsy’s, at two weeks old, are doing great! It’s amazing to see how Betsy’s puppies, whose still don’t really have their eyes open, instinctively scurry towards Betsy as she enters their pen after being outside. Even in their almost frantic enthusiasm, they still head in the right direction for mother’s warm body curling around them and a satisfying meal. Polly’s pups, on the other hand, have eyes wide open and plunge about on all fours, uttering cute little barks as they chase Polly down for a meal! They have yet to acquire grace in their locomotion, but their efforts get the job done and strengthen those little muscles. Both litters are still growing at such a rapid rate that almost all of their time is still comsumed in either eating or sleeping.

New England raised AKC Golden Retriever puppies recieve lots of cuddling from our children

Our family raised AKC Golden Retrievers are enjoyed by all of us

Enjoying evening snuggles!

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