Puppy Pictures

Jenny’s adorable little puppies are doing great! It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times I witness it, how much those little pups change in just a week’s worth of time. From helpless little newborns, seven days has given them ample time to grow rolly-polly plump, and gain strength in their little legs, as they now are quite good at crawling around. Of course, all that growing and exercise tires them right out – and you can find them almost any time collapsed in a cozy, comfy pile, deep in sweet slumbers. Below are  few puppy pictures from the puppy’s one week old birthday.


At one week old, this adorable light golden AKC Golden Retriever puppy of Jenny's is sound asleep in Caleb's arms

Esther is delighted to see the puppies all snuggled in a cozy, sleepy pile

One week old AKC Golden Retriever puppies sleep lots and lots and Mary takes the prize for the ability to cuddle almost any of them right to sleep on her lap!

Little puppies and a little girl - it's a perfect combination!

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  1. Do you have any golden puppies that are available now or later on? I have been looking everywhere and no luck so far.Thank you in advance for your help. Debbie Paduch