A Week In the Life of Golden Sunshine’s Pups

Golden Sunshine’s (Sunny’s) puppies simply grow cuter with each passing day, and at three and a half weeks old, they often remind me of little rays of sunshine with their beautiful gold coats and cheerful antics! A new milestone occurred when they enjoyed their first taste of food this week, as well as enjoying plenty of hours playing and sleeping in the sun! 

Hmmm, where should I explore next? Little Pink Collar Girl is a confident, cute pup who loves being outside!


Another picture?! I’m pretty cute, but I can’t spend all my time posing for the camera!


Jonathan has chosen this little fellow as his personal favorite from Sunny’s litter, and can often be found carrying him carefully around, snuggling with him, or playing games in the grass!


Sunny’s puppies enjoy lots of handling and playing with us, and with each of our children, we make sure that we teach them how to safely snuggle and romp with these little canines. It’s equally important for both the child and the dog that the child learn how to properly handle the dogs in their lives, big or little, and time and patience go a long way in accomplishing that goal! Of course, Goldens are one of the most perfect breeds to introduce children to, due to their gentle, friendly, and loving personalities! It’s one of the reasons we love Goldens so much!

We’ve had a couple of very warm days here in Vermont, and both Sunny and her pups love to relax on the cool earth together!


Elizabeth took it upon herself to show this little boy how much fun it is to make this toy squeak!


A comfortable snooze is in order, after playtime with the children!


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