All About Betsy’s Dark Red Golden Pups!

Our Windy Knoll Betsy has always somehow managed to have the cutest, sweetest little pups, and her current litter of six lovely little canines are no exception! At a little over three weeks old, the three boys and three girls are growing and thriving on lots of nursing, expert motherly care from Betsy, plenty of naps, and a multitude of love from all the family members of our home! They’ve experienced their first round of worming, have been adorned with soft little velcro identifying collars, and are starting to enjoy outside time in the lovely Vermont summer!

Practicing for the local howling competition? No, it’s just a big yawn before this sleeply little guy snuggles into Jonathan’s arms for a nap!

Elizabeth loves to give the pups rides in her little play wagon – and the pups show their appreciation of the gentle motion by sleeping through most of their journeys!

There’s always more fun and excitement, naps and cuddling, nursing and snuggling, in store for these beautiful dark red golden pups, and we look forward to the next week of growth and progress for them!

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