A Smattering of Golden Pup Pictures

What a cute face on one of Spice’s adorable little girls!

How fast do puppies grow? In just a few weeks time, puppies rapidly develop from little sleepy logs to, as our little four year old described it yesterday, “Such cute, chubby clumps of puppies!” (when speaking of Clara’s robust young’uns!).

Sunny is a happy mother who takes great care of her beautiful litter of calm, quiet Goldens!

From Clara’s three and a half week old dark red goldens, who bark in cute little yaps, tumble out the door every time we open their gate, and find the introduction to soft dog food quite exciting,to Meg and Spice’s slightly younger pups, who are not far behind, to Sunny and Polly’s week and a half old puppies, who still spend most of their time eating and sleeping, while their little legs are getting sturdy enough to support them as they start to walk around, and their little eyes are just peeping open – we’re busy with lots of the adorable puppy stages!

Sunny’s pups keep busy nursing and growing!

Here’s just a smattering of Golden Pup pictures to give you a glimpse of all these fun puppy stages as well!

One of Spice’s sweet pups resting after a busy afternoon of play!
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