Newborn Golden Puppies at Windy Knoll Goldens!

Newborn Golden Puppies at Windy Knoll Goldens!

What a lovely, large litter!
Spice is being a great mommy to her entire crew!

Our first litter of adorable little puppies has arrived! Sampson and Sweet Spice’s puppies were born May 21st, 2019 – and quite a litter at that, with thirteen little canines delivered safe and sound! Six cute little boys, along with seven lovely little girls, have settled in nicely to life outside the womb, cozy in their warm whelping box, quite busy with sleeping and nursing! Our children are thrilled to have newborn pups to snuggle again! We look forward to keeping you updated on their lives as they grow in leaps and bounds for the next eight weeks!

Sleeping like only a one day old Golden can!
So small, so perfect.

Children are happy to have little pups to snuggle once again!

Elizabeth loves taking Spice on walks when she is ready for a break from caring for her babies.

And for those of you waiting for news on Clara’s litter, which was also due this week: Clara is doing great, but hasn’t had her puppies yet. It will be anytime now. We’ll post her announcement next when the big event occurs!

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