More New Puppy Arrivals!

We have lots to give thanks for, including more new puppies here! Daisy and Charlie’s first litter of fine pups were born on September 29th, 2020 – a lovely bunch of dark red, roly-poly adorable little canines!

As a first time mother, sweet, pretty Daisy has settled into her maternal duties quite well, nursing, cleaning, caressing, and snuggling her healthy, vigorous four little boys and three little girls!

Look at those tiny, perfect ears!

Daisy takes after her mother, Sunny, (one of our especially favorite Goldens) so much that we keep finding ourselves calling Daisy by her mother’s name! And if Daisy’s pups take after her and Charlie, they will mature into beautiful, handsome, strong, sweet, and dark/medium dark Goldens!

Puppies can make themselves comfortable anywhere!


Puppy snuggling is in full swing – and just like April’s puppies, this litter has been introduced to their bio-senory stimulation. While we can’t share the puppy snuggles on the computer, we’ll try to share some of the puppy cuteness – but please note that all of these puppies are already reserved and are not available for sale. :o)

Our baby’s chubby little hands caressing a chubby little puppy = cuteness captured!


This little girl, who happens to be the largest of the litter at the moment, immediately caught my eye even at this tiny stage. as the spitting image of her father!


Snuggled up by mother Daisy.
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  1. Hi I am currently looking for a female golden retriever puppy. I am interested to see if you guys have any left and what your price would be.

    Thanks so much and get back to me as soon as possible
    Brady M