Daisy’s Darling Six Week Old Puppies

It seems as if we were just posting the news that Daisy and Teddy’s litter of American Golden/English Cream puppies had arrived! Now, they are already six weeks old, and have a wealth of enthusiasm, vigor, and zest for life! It won’t be long before they are bringing joy, love, and endless cuteness to their new family’s homes! In the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying their adorable faces, sweet snuggles, and playful puppy romps each day during playtime. Next week will bring an additional adventure with the puppies’ vet examinations!

I happen to think this litter quite adorable – but in in case you want to check it out yourself and catch a case of puppy cuteness overload, take a peek at all those beautiful pups below!





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3 Responses

  1. We are so excited to pick up our Baby Girl next weekend! They are all so beautiful in your children’s arms 🤗

    1. Hi Julie,

      We will have puppies available later this summer and fall. You would need to get on our waiting list in order to get a puppy from us.

      Please email or call us if you have any more questions!

      Thank you,