King Arthur and Jackie FOUND!

Update: This morning we found our two goldens lost in the woods behind our house! The Lost Goldens are found!


This morning, our two one year olds ran off while I was trying to put them into an outdoor pen, but instead of going into the pen like they normally did, they both ran off. Usually, this isn’t a problem because they just return after a few minutes. However, they haven’t returned yet as of 8 PM 4/20/23. We are trying all means of looking for our lost goldens. Hopefully they will be picked up by someone honest. But if not, we will be on social media and any other dog sale websites to see if someone tries to sell them. The pictures are of them when they were quite a bit younger. They are the same color but are a almost full grown at 65 and 60 lbs approximately. If anyone has any information about where they are, please let us know. We’ll post an update if they are found right away.

Phone: 207-977-2300

Email: [email protected]