Lady and Charlie’s Puppy Update

Ask you can see from the major difference in the coloring, Freddy is the father of the lighter puppies while George fathered the dark red ones. The puppies are anxious to get outside these days as they get older, and the weather is warmer and nicer. Only one of the lighter males is still available!

Each puppy receives the first dose of completely non-toxic vaccines including distemper, kennel cough, and parvovirus. We want our puppies to be protected without the toxic side effects of most vaccines. We have heard of increasing numbers of dogs being negatively impacted by vaccines as many vet offices have been bought up by larger corporate interestes. Because their bottom line is the more important then the health of their patients, they are pushing an increasing number of vaccines per visit instead of spreading them out. Research has shown that this can possibly lead to problems like unprovoked biting, behavioural changes, cancer and even death. That is why we choose to use only non-toxic vaccines on our dogs and puppies!

Enjoy the pictures!

Golden Retriever Pups Maine
Lady’s Pups!
Windy Knoll Goldens American Kennel Club Golden Retriever Near Boston
Orange Collar
Windy Knoll Goldens Golden Retriever Pups Near Manchester NH
AKC American English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy Maine
English/American Golden
Black Windy Knoll Goldens AKC Golden Retriever Puppy Maine
Dark Red Golden
Blue Light Cream Golden Retriever In Maine
Light Blue Collar
Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy near Portsmouth NH
Black Collar
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  1. Hello!
    Do you have any dark red males still available?
    Thank you 🙂