Patsy and George Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppies

A smaller sized litter, Patsy and George’s puppies are dark red and medium to large puppies.  They are quiet, calm, and friendly with very good people interaction skills which is very important for family puppies. All our goldens receive individual handling at least 3 times per day by adults and children.  Our golden’s personalities are very important to us and we choose our adults based on that as well as their good genetics among other tests.

There is only one female still available from this litter! Our puppies are chosen on the pickup day which is either the 9th of September in Kittery for a nominal fee or here in Bradford on the 11th.

Very alert, puppies want to understand everything that is going on.
They are very close with their littermates.
At this age they “get lost” easily. This one was only about 3 feet from the others but was worried that he was by himself.
These puppies are quite confident.
Goldens love to be with people.
Every time we interact with them, we get “mobbed” by all of them looking for attention at the same time.
Play is an important part in the development of the puppy.

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