Spice and Charlie’s Puppies Growing Up

Spice’s three puppies, 1 boy and 2 girls, have grown with amazing speed. Each one of these dark red American golden retriever puppies is chunky, sturdy, and has a wonderful personality. They love the attention of people as well as the interaction they have with each other. Spice is a wonderful, caring mother who loving cared for these three pups. She and Charlie make the perfect all American goldens that we all look for in a companion dog. Only the Male is available. They are ready to go home in December.


Puppy Playing with a leaf
Fun Playing With Leaves
Puppy with Football
This is My Football
Sturdy Pups
Sturdy Pups (Male)
Golden Puppies With
Best Friends (Male on left)
Golden Retriever Puppy Playing with leaf
Which One to Play With: Leaf or Ball?
Wonderful Personalities
Wonderful Personalities
Golden Retriever
They Are Called Golden Retrievers For a Reason


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