WKG Welcomes Florence’s 9 New Adorable Pups!

Late Saturday night, Windy Knoll Goldens was blessed by the arrival of nine adorable golden retriever puppies. The proud mother, Florence, produced 5 healthy males and 4 equally healthy females. These strong little wriggly bundles are super soft with the tiniest noses and ears. They already seem to have their father George’s active temperament as they eagerly scramble over each other to nurse. With the onset of very warm summer temperatures, the puppies did not have to stay under the heat lamps for long. Although quite light in color now, given the cross between Florence, an AKC English Cream, and George, an AKC American red, their coats will probably darken in the future. They will be eight weeks old on August 5th and ready for their forever homes.

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