Growing Fast! New Photos of Goldie’s Puppies From June 17

Goldie’s AKC Golden Retriever puppies are growing fast. At just a day over 2 weeks old, these sturdy little guys have the plumpest tummies and colorful new collars. They actually turn toward faces now with their mild blue eyes and are communicating with cheerful grunts and eager squeaks. Goldie is an attentive mother, patiently nursing her litter of 11 as well as keeping them clean and tidy. Soon, they will progress from their awkward army crawl/waddling to walking. There are only six weeks remaining until they will be ready to go home; please reach out if you would like to be introduced!

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  1. Any chance you’ll have a female pup for sale?My birthday is June 17 th-think it’s meant to be?!

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