Expert Down East Dog Trainer Stan

Windy Knoll Goldens is excited to have Stan and Kim Poplaski joining us for our golden retriever meetup. They are an energetic older couple with extensive experience in obedience and K9 training. Dog trainer Stan has made canine companions his life’s focus for over 30 years and his dogs have won awards in numerous field and obedience trials. In addition to his K9 work, Stan has also trained in the equine world, working with draft horses. His foundational method, which is utilized by WKG, centers on the following behaviors: sitting down, staying until released, not jumping, leash walking, house breaking, crate training, and reducing unwanted barking/biting/chewing, and digging. Dog Trainer Stan will be hosting an obedience demonstration at our reunion and will be happy to discuss dog training questions. Please be sure you RSVP for our golden retriever reunion happening on August 10!

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