Growing Pups Need High Quality Food

High quality food for golden retriever puppies is so important. Duncan and Sammy, Spice’s two puppies, have tremendous appetites. Duncan weighed in this morning at 5.8 lbs and Sammy was slightly less. As they mature, we have introduced solid foods to their diet. The first solid food they receive is a porridge from the Honest Kitchen. This low heat, dehydrated dog food is easy for them to digest and simple to prepare (just add warm water to the ingredients). Once they are eating their porridge readily, we transition to a dry kibble food. Many dry kibble type foods are inadequate and nutrition poor. After extensive research and trial, we have found several companies that do provide quality packaged food with exceptional ingredients. Please check out our recommendations under the Quality Dog Food tab on our website store. Duncan and Sammy really appreciate all of that good food-it gives them the energy they need to explore, tussle, and interact.

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