Our AKC Golden Retrievers

Responsible Golden Retriever Breeders

One of our priorities at Windy Knoll Goldens is to provide puppies that will be excellent, healthy, friendly companions, and pets for life. The foundation to achieving our goal is making sure the parents exhibit those qualities. A s caring golden retriever breeders, we get our beloved dogs certified with the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) to ensure our breeding dogs and their puppies are free and clear of any diseases. X-Ray tests and screens are performed when the dogs reach an appropriate age – usually 2 years old. As responsible golden retriever breeders we always research our pedigrees, and go back several generations.

Meet The Windy Knoll AKC Golden Retrievers

Our small family of Golden Retrievers is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club), the registration association of choice for outstanding canines. More importantly,  Shep, Betsy, Jenny, Polly, Stonewall Jackson, Sunny, and Meg are all happy, healthy dogs with warm and friendly personalities!

 Green Mountain Pastures Shep – AKC Golden Retriever

At eleven years old, “Shep” is our oldest Golden, and the outstanding sire at Windy Knoll Goldens. A handsome and regal fellow, sporting a rich, dark gold, thick coat, he is also friendly and laid-back. Shep is a real people dog, and loves nothing better than to play and relax with us!

Jenny - AKC Golden Retriever Breeder, Windy Knoll Farm, Vermont

AKC Windy Knoll Jenny
SR74210403 DOB:07/26/12 OFA Hips: OFA25-GOOD OFA Elbows: OFA25-NORMAL

Windy Knoll Jenny – AKC Golden Retriever

We love “Jenny’s” sweet, enthusiastic, and warm personality! She is laid-back, has always been wonderful with our small children from the time she was a little pup, and in general, is the “perfect” companion and pet! She is a pretty girl with her luxuriant, soft cream coat accented with deeper golden hues and white feathering.

AKC Windy Knoll Betsy                               SR65390403   DOB: 09/01/10  OFA Hips: OFA 32-GOOD


Windy Knoll Betsy – AKC Golden Retriever

“Betsy,” is dark golden and graceful, and is a sweet as can be.  She just loves attention, and relishes every word and pat we give her.  Whether we are playing ball, snapping green beans, husking corn, or relaxing on the lawn, you can be sure to find her laying nearby.  She is a doting mother who takes great care of her puppies and seems to be exceptionally good at passing her sweet personality on to them!

Windy Knoll Polly – AKC Golden Retriever

“Polly” is a sweet, beautiful dark golden, whose friendly, confident, outgoing manners captured our hearts from the time we brought her home as an adorable little pup. With a dark gold, full coat, large, regal bearing, and a contagious enthusiasm for life, she is a real golden gem! We are so excited to have her in our canine family!

Polly received her OFA certification spring 2016.


Windy Knoll Stonewall Jackson – AKC Golden Retriever

Stonewall Jackson, affectionately nicknamed “Jack”, joined our ranks at eight weeks old in summer of 2015, a long anticipated arrival as we’d been searching over a year for a new possible up and coming sire for Windy Knoll Goldens. He’s maturing into a large, handsome boy, dark golden with a heavy, luxurious, curly coat. Better yet, his personality lives up to all our hopes for the future sire of Windy Knoll Golden’s AKC Golden Retriever puppies! He’s friendly, smart, and calm, a happy go lucky fellow content to romp gently with the children to his heart’s content, and quick to please his owners. We’re very excited about his future role here at Windy Knoll Goldens!

Stonewall Jackson will receive his OFA or Penn Hip ratings at the appropriate age.

Windy Knoll Lady Margaret – AKC Golden Retriever

Lady Margaret is always referred to as “Meg,” but both her resplendent, official AKC name and her endearing home name fit her well. As a regal, and stately young pup with a creamy light, richly thick coat, she easily fulfills the image that a queenly Lady Margaret would evoke. Her sweet, well mannered, and smart temperament pairs well with the qualities that “Meg” bring to mind. We love her and look forward to her continuing development and growth.

Meg will receive her OFA or Penn Hip ratings at the appropriate age.




Windy Knoll Golden Sunshine – AKC Golden Retriever

Golden Sunshine is our “Sunny”, both in looks and in her canine deportment. As sister to Meg, she is every bit as beautiful, but differs in that her soft, thick coat is a deeper gold hue, promising to darken at maturity to her mother’s red coloring. She is quiet, gentle, smart, and very sweet. Indeed, although possessing a quiet nature, she  is just like the sunshine she is named for – she brightens up the day no matter how dreary when she’s around! We are so glad to have her as part of our golden family here and are confident she will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program at her maturity.

Sunny will receive her OFA or Penn Hip ratings at the appropriate age.


Rosie - AKC Golden Retriever Breeder - Windy Knoll Farm, Vermont

AKC Windy Knoll Rosie
SR65390402 DOB: 06/01/10

Windy Knoll Rosie – AKC Golden Retriever

“Rosie” is our smart, energetic golden! She loves roaming our meadows and splashing in the mud hole over the hill. Her favorite way to relax includes getting a good brushing of her curly dark red coat and a bath. Rosie is a caring and capable mother.