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Come Take Me Home!

It’s a busy weekend here, with many of the lovely little pups from our current litters connecting with their new forever families and heading off to their new homes! See them there – just waiting for you to come take them home! We’ll miss all those cute faces, but we are delighted that to know the joy that they will bring to their new families!

Elizabeth Loves Puppies!

All of our children enjoy the adorable little puppies that abound here right now at Windy Knoll Farm. But some of them really LOVE the puppies – and Elizabeth is one of them! Having been around our Golden Retrievers her entire life, she is now old enough to engage with the pups in a variety of ways, and this afternoon found her intermittently snuggling and then playing follow the leader with this cute, almost white little Golden boy from Jenny’s litter.

Elizabeth loves puppies!

Pictures of Polly’s Puppies!

Finally, here are some pictures of Polly’s puppies! Polly has the chubbiest, darkest red, most laid back group of puppies you can imagine! We love playing with these little goldens! We’re also excited to be keeping one of her little girls ourselves, and are looking forward to meeting the new owners of these little pups when they start coming to choose their own little cuties in just days!

Greg enjoys capturing videos of the pups. Now for the time to upload them….

Have A Golden Night!

We’re Enjoying So Many Cute Golden Puppies!

With so many cute Golden puppies growing so quickly here at Windy Knoll Farm, and six growing children who spend hours playing and helping care for all those cute pups, life is full to bursting everyday! It’s sometimes hard to find time to capture the happenings on camera (and then get them on the computer and posted here to our blog!), but I managed to grab the camera today on the way out the door to play with the children and pups! As the puppies approach five weeks of age, they are fuller of life then ever, delighted to tumble, chase, and snuggle in the balmy, sunny weather we’ve been enjoying. This afternoon’s playtime centered around Sunny’s litter of adorable little goldens who have the cutest faces and are such a calm, happy bunch! My girls were eager to showcase their favorite puppies to me, as we snuggled the soft little golden bundles, and encouraged their antics of following after us!

David was pretty fascinated with such soft, snugly toys!


What can be better than babies and Golden pups?!

David can appreciate the fact that being a baby requires lots of sleep!

A lap-ful of sleeping little pups…

…An armload of puppy chub! Mary does a fantastic job with our puppies, and devotes much of her free time to enjoying them!


Anna loves that the puppies are just the right size at this stage to play with, while still not large enough to be overwhelming to a person of her size!

Esther loves holding the puppies just like a baby! The pups apparently think it’s a good idea, too!

Elizabeth decided that she would treat this little girl to a ride in her wheel-barrel after carefully preparing a bed of soft grass for comfort.

The puppy approved!

Good night and have a great weekend!

Video of Sunny’s Puppies

Sunny’s adorable AKC puppies love are growing by leaps and bounds.  With their recent skills of stumbling around they are enjoying forays into the beautiful countryside of Vermont.  Not only that but the puppies have just started eating real food.  Watch as they play outside and get their first taste of homemade goat milk yogurt!

Jenny’s Pups!

Beautiful warm days, and thriving, growing puppies meant it was time for these little cuties to enjoy their first outdoor experience! So, while their pens were being cleaned yesterday, Jenny’s little pups enjoyed the lovely sunshine and soft, green grass. They were a little tentative at first, as their recently opened little blue eyes saw the world for the first time, but found comfort in each other’s presence. It won’t be long before each of these little goldens will be tumbling and running about as much as they can!


Polly’s Dark Red AKC Puppies

The Puppies are here!

We are excited to announce that our AKC Windy Knoll Polly birthed 8 adorable dark red golden retriever puppies on May 12th! These puppies are the darkest, and largest puppies of all our puppies.  This is due to Polly being our darkest female and Grant being our darkest male.  The puppies happily sleep most of the time in between nursing as they are only about a week old.  As they mature, their world expands beyond their whelping pen to the great outdoors.  But right now, they reside in a climate controlled room and are attended by their mother in a quiet, nurturing environment.

Just about every day our children enjoy holding and petting their charming, furry, baby animals.  Puppy socialization at its best!  Keep checking back for updates!

Only days old!

Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy