A Tail of Two English Goldens

Cotton and Freddy’s last three English Cream puppies got a bath and a playtime outside today. The last two males available this season have the dark green and yellow collars! Click to see the video!

Top Golden Retriever Breeder on the East Coast

Windy Knoll Goldens has the distinction of being one of the select few golden retriever breeders to be on the “Top Golden Retriever Breeder on the East Coast” list.** While we are greatful for this, it just confirms our committment to not only breeding top golden retrievers in personality, confirmation, and genetics, but also, committed … Read more

Two Golden Opportunities!

Bangor Maine Golden Retrievers

Clover and Charlie’s two boys are 8 weeks old! Because of some late changes regarding a few people on the waiting list, we still have these two handsome males available! As you can see, they get lots of attention including some sliding. They weren’t exactly sure what to think about it at first, but they … Read more

AKC English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies!

Windy Knoll Goldens AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers Bangor Maine

Guinevere and Freddy’s English Cream Golden retrievers are now a little over 2 weeks old. They are so fat because there are only two of them and they get all the milk to themselves! Guinevere is a very good mother as she cares for both of her puppies and keeps them nice and clean. She … Read more

New English Cream Puppies

Windy Knoll Goldens English Cream Puppy Maine

Cotton and Freddy, both European line English Cream golden retrievers, had this beautiful litter of 5 males on January 4th. As a first-time mom she is learning what it means to take care of 5 little squirming, squeaking puppies. After 2 weeks, she seems to have it all figured out. Their little puppy eyes have … Read more

Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy Update

Windy Knoll Goldens Maine Puppies

Patsy and George’s litter arrived on the first day of 2023. Talk about starting the year off right. What could you want more than 8 beautiful dark red puppies with 1 female and 7 males? Well, probably a few more females. Patsy produces such soft, cuddly, and plump puppies! George adds the little white spots … Read more

Elemay & George’s Puppy Update

Windy Knoll Goldens Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy in Maine

George and Elemay produce our darkest red golden retriever puppies because both parents are dark red. Both parents have been tested for many genetic weaknesses and matched based on the results. Both go through further hip testing with PennHIP which is a superior, scientific based hip test. Of course the parents’ personalities play just as … Read more

Clover’s Puppies Explore the World

Happy Healthy Golden Retriever Puppies Portsmouth New Hampshire

Warm weather in January comes occasionally to Bradford, Maine which gives our puppies a chance to explore the back yard. It never gets old watching their cute antics as they discover the world! All of these of these beautiful dark red puppies will be going to their new homes next weekend- but there is one … Read more

Merry Christmas From Windy Knoll Goldens!

AKC Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy Sniffing Kitty

We hope that you enjoy a wonderful celebration of this most special time of the year! Amidst all the fun Christmas festivities we are enjoying, we are so thankful that Jesus Christ came to earth to be the perfect Saviour for each one of us, paying for our sins and giving us peace, joy, and … Read more

Elemay’s Puppies Growing Up!

Every day, Elemay’s beautiful, dark red golden retriever puppies get let out of their pen to play inside our seventy foot kennel. They poke around the grooming room and come out with grooming tools. They play hide an seek around my legs while I wash the stainless steel food and water dishes and sometimes untie … Read more