Romping with Polly’s Puppies (A Video)

Polly’s AKC Golden Retriever puppies are six weeks old and growing more playful each day! This morning, while preparing for the visit of our vet for the puppies first vet exam, Mary and Esther enjoying taking a break from work to play with the energetic pups. It’s hard to tell who had more fun! Our … Read more

A Playful Meal for Polly’s Puppies (Videos)

At four and a half weeks old, Polly’s AKC dark red Golden Retriever puppies are diving into food with enthusiasm. One morning this week, a ramp up to some food provided a fun climbing adventure for them.  Each day finds them increasingly playful and alert, even though sleeping still occupies the greater part of their time.  … Read more

A Quick Picture Post

It’s been a little while since I posted any news or photos of Polly’s and Betsy’s puppies. No worries; life is busy and sometimes it’s difficult to find time for everything, so things like posting pictures tend to get pushed to the back burner! Consequently, this will be a  post of few words, but of … Read more

A Snuggly Evening (A Video)

Mary, Esther, and Arielle enjoyed snuggling with Polly’s two and a half week old AKC Golden Retriever puppies last evening. Cute, warm, cuddly, with silky soft fur and tiny, perfect little paws and faces, these times are a pleasure! All video credit goes to Jonathan, who at five years old is practicing his photography and … Read more

A Dozing Duo And More

Almost too cute for words, these two puppies from Polly’s litter conked out on the kitchen floor after a snuggling session last evening! Both litters of puppies, Polly’s at almost three weeks old and Betsy’s, at two weeks old, are doing great! It’s amazing to see how Betsy’s puppies, whose still don’t really have their … Read more

The Details About Betsy’s Puppies…and a video!

Betsy has given us seven beautiful dark red Golden Retriever puppies. FIVE cute, little females and TWO handsome little males complete her litter! Betsy’s beautiful puppies have settled right in at two days old and are already growing – I wonder if we watched closely enough if we could see that process in action, it’s … Read more

Pictures of Polly’s Puppies

Polly’s puppies are thriving and growing! Their little eyes are opening more each day, and instead of crawling around, they are now trying to stand on their little wobbly legs and stagger around! One little pup was so cute today as, instead of the little squeaks and grunts that are the usual product of their … Read more

Esther Snuggles One of Polly’s Puppies (video)

Polly’s gorgeous little pups are one week old today and it’s hard to believe how much they’ve grown in just seven days! They are working hard on opening their eyes and the children are loving this cuddly stage. Two year old Esther is showing almost one year old Elizabeth the art of gentle caresses for … Read more