Guess What’s Arrived At Windy Knoll Goldens…?

….A whole lot of cuteness in the  form of brand new, perfect, adorable little AKC Golden puppies! That’s right, we’re excited to announce the arrival of TWO beautiful litters of puppies! Yes, it’s been BUSY around here! Jenny’s puppies arrived promptly on their due date – May 7th, 2018. Her strong, healthy litter of six … Read more

Spring Day, Cute Puppies, and New Collars at Windy Knoll Goldens!

Jenny’s seven puppies were thrilled that we had some real spring weather today: sunny, almost sixty degrees, and just lovely for playing outdoors! Those cute puppies played all afternoon in the grass, gravel, dirt, and yes, mud! A few puppies enjoyed a ride, complete with blanket, in the stroller! Part of the afternoon was spent marking … Read more

Jenny’s Puppies: Three Weeks Old-Playing & Chowing Down & Growing!

Jenny’s seven little AKC Golden Retriever males turned three weeks old yesterday! This past week has brought a rapid leap in their development. From tottering about, they’ve graduating to mini wrestling contests. As soon as they hear us opening the door of their pen, the entire pile of puppies scramble up from their sleepy heap … Read more

The World Through The Eyes of Windy Knoll Jenny’s Two Week Old AKC Golden Retriever Puppies

  As of Friday, Jenny’s seven adorable little boy’s turned two weeks old! See those beautiful little eyes? At about ten days of age, Jenny’s little pups began to experience the world through vision for the first time. Still, it’s a lot of work to be two weeks old, and requires a lot of sleep … Read more