Days in the Lives of Polly’s Golden Puppies

Polly’s Golden puppies are two and a half weeks old now, and really beginning to emerge as little pups who are expressing more and more interest in their surroundings, although they are still devoted to much sleep and much nursing! Enjoy the photos and videos below which will give a glimpse into their past week … Read more

Our Windy Knoll Golden Puppies Enjoy The Snow

Almost all of the puppies from Windy Knoll Betsy and Windy Knoll Polly’s beautiful litters of AKC Golden Retriever litters are off to their new homes. One little fellow is still here, awaiting travel down to the sunny south to his new home shortly. Thankfully, he’s got a few playmates that are still his age: … Read more

Cute As a Button!

Polly’s puppies, with their dark red, curly coats, are little snuggle bugs who are all as cute as buttons! If you can’t tell from the photos below, Mary Grace has taken a special interest in snuggling these little cuties, especially one that she has picked out as her favorite!   Polly’s puppies will be having … Read more

Betsy’s Six Week Old AKC Golden Retriever Puppies Enjoy Outdoor Adventures

The combination of Betsy’s puppies growing daily bigger and stronger, and some very mild, calm days for this time of the year here in Vermont, have given us the opportunity to play outside with those pups. They absolutely love it, racing about in the leaves, digging in the dirt, wrestling, and exploring. They were not … Read more