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News on a Handsome AKC Golden Retriever Puppy

AKC Golden Retriever Puppy Kooper from Windy Knoll Farm

One of the pleasant aspects of selling our AKC Windy Knoll Golden Retriever puppies is interacting with all of you who are interesting in our canines, or have gotten a puppy from us already. Emailing, talking, meeting, and seeing our puppies connect with wonderful new owners is a very rewarding process, and we’re so glad to have the opportunity to work with all of you! The note below came from a lovely couple who got their puppy, Kooper, from us last summer. They drove almost five hours  one way just to come meet and chose Kooper, even before they made the trip yet again to pick him up and bring him home! We’re so glad that Kooper gets to make his home with them! We look forward to working with many of you to place an AKC Golden Retriever puppy in a wonderful new home this summer!

“Hello Moore Family,

   I thought that it was about time to update you on Kooper. He is an extremely intelligent pup, full of energy who absolutely adores people. He was housetrained almost from the start and successfully received the AKC S.T.A.R. puppy distinction a few months ago. He loves catching and retrieving balls, knows the names of all his toys and happily runs to his toy box to bring you whichever one you ask for. I think that Kooper would spend hours romping and playing in the snow, if the temps weren’t so cold here. He has personality PLUS and words cannot express the joy he has brought to our family. Thank you for everything and keep doing what you are doing, because you are the BEST in my book!”

An AKC Golden Retriever Puppy from Windy Knoll Farm


A Golden Retriever’s Trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens

Shep 500px

Shep in the prime of his youth!

Shep is pretty pleased with his quiet, pleasant life as the senior member of the Windy Knoll Goldens crew. This week, however, his predictable routine has changed with a trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens! Our AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep, who has sired an impressive number of wonderful golden retriever progeny, continues to leave behind him a golden legacy: he is busy breeding several of Wright’s Mountain Golden females this week! We are particularly excited, because one of the offspring of these breedings will be chosen to carry on in Shep’s stead when we retire Shep. That’s right, we will be choosing a male puppy from one of these litters to raise as our new stud! We will be choosing a female as well, as we strive to keep good lines in our future breeding plans for Windy Knoll Golden Retrievers. We are looking forward to this new phase; and look forward to staying in the puppy stage for some time now as we add these two new Golden Retrievers into our lives later this summer!

Esther helps prepare some AKC papers for AKC stud, Green Mountain Pastures Shep

Saturday morning found us preparing for Shep’s departure. Esther assisted me with some AKC paperwork I sent along with Shep.

Care of AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep is important

Next, we made sure Shep was well-groomed and as handsome as could be. Shep carries a certain regal air about him, even in such a mundane event as getting his toenails trimmed! And while his age begins to manifest itself in a generous sprinkling of white about his head and paws, Shep still has a youthful spring in his step, and often joins in the energetic games of chase that our younger Golden Retrievers engage in. A trip to the vet with testing confirmed Shep’s continued health and vitality as a stud.

Our AKC Golden Retriever Shep loves children

The children played with and petted Shep for a while before saying goodbye to him.

Snuggles for a friendly Golden Retriever at Windy Knoll Farm

Everyone loves Shep’s gentle, kindly nature – and Shep loves everyone in return!

AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep enjoys our children's play

Early afternoon found us loading Shep into the car for his trek to Wright’s Mountain Goldens. He’s having a busy week there. We’re looking forward to having him home again – and we’re also looking forward to the new Golden Retrievers that he’ll be bringing into our lives!

AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep is regal even in his older age


Snowy Pleasures

Polly, AKC Golden Retriever, and Jonathan enjoy Vermont winter

It’s not hard to guess what we enjoyed this morning: a walk, and a snowball fight!

Golden Retrievers and Children love winter outside

Polly thought she was an important part of our snowball fight – and she was! She retrieved the snowballs for us! Here and there, inbetween tossing snowballs gently to the children, I threw one long and hard just for her to bound and pounce after!

Our AKC Golden Polly joined in our snowball play

A Glimpse of Today…

Brushing Windy Knoll Polly

We have an over abundance of burdock plants infesting our yard, and Polly managed to run through a patch of the dried, dead stalks and pick up a nice collection of burs in her auburn coat. I figured I would enjoy giving her a good brushing out – but instead I found myself surrounded by little helpers all eager to give a hand! So we took turns, and I don’t think Polly minded all the extra attention!

AKC Golden Retriever Polly gives kisses

Jonathan carefully extracted burs with our special grooming brush, while Mary engaged in conversation with Polly.

Our Beautiful AKC Windy Knoll Polly

All brushed out, our Polly is such a beautiful girl!

AKC Windy Knoll Jenny is our blond sweetie

Jenny also received her share of attention and grooming. She proved her usefulness in a new way as she undertook the “job” of cleaning up the crumbs under our toddlers dinner seat! Goldens do like to be useful, you know!

Windy Knoll Puppy Reservations for 2015

With winter weather still in full force here, it’s hard to think that Spring is just around the corner. It seems like that “corner” may take a little longer to turn this year, but it is coming, none the less, and with it the start of a new puppy season here at Windy Knoll Farm! We’re looking forward to that time and have started various preparations. Just the other day, Mary Grace, who is three now, asked if we’d have more puppies. When I assured her that we’d be having puppies come spring time, she commented that she couldn’t wait and that “I just LOVE holding puppies! ” It’s true – she spent hours last summer snuggling the young pups! Practicing Being a Mommy

She’s not the only one looking forward to little Golden cuties – we are too, and so are a number of folks:

We already have a number of reservations in for our planned 2015 litters.

We accept up to five pre-birth reservations per litter.


Pre-birth reservations for Betsy and Shep’s 2015 litter, anticipated to arrive late Spring/early Summer, are filled. We do maintain a waiting list for litters as well, so if you’re interested in that option, let us know!

2014-Golden-Retriever-Puppies-Windy-Knoll-GoldensWe also anticipate puppies from Jenny and Shep around the same time: late Spring/early Summer. As of February 24th, we have three pre-birth puppy reservations still open. Pick of the Litter Female is taken; Pick of the Litter Male is still available. Head over to our Online Reservation Contract if you’re interested in getting YOUR puppy from this litter!

IMG_7221        akc golden retriever green mounitain pastures windy knoll shep




We’re quite excited as we look forward to our first litter of puppies from our Polly and Shep! Polly is such a sweetie, friendly, playful, and intelligent, with a beautiful dark gold coat – and we’re confident that she and Shep will have beautiful pups. We have three pre-birth puppy reservations still available as of February 24th. Pick of the Litter Female and Pick of the Litter Male are already taken. You still have time, so fill out our Online Reservation Contract if you’re interested in getting YOUR puppy from this litter!

A Winter Walk With Our Goldens

Walking with Windy Knoll Goldens

I can’t think of a better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon than a winter walk with the whole family – our Goldens included! And since it warmed up to balmy temperatures in the twenties (that’s balmy compared to temperatures in the single digits or lower!), it was a perfect opportunity for one and all to bundle up and get outside for some fresh air, exercise, and fun family time.

Children and Golden Retrievers are good companions

Mary and Shep strolled along companionably.

Golden Retrievers like the snow

Polly loved bounding into the deep, fluffy snowbanks lining the road when she was exploring off-leash. Windy Knoll AKC Polly enjoys the snow

She couldn’t make it off the road very far unless she bounded through chest deep snow drifts! With her enthusiastic, Golden eagerness, however, the snow only posed a fun challenge to tackle. Moores walking AKC Golden Retrievers in Vermont

Shep and Betsy were happy to stay close to our sides. Betsy took one big leap off a snow bank and nearly buried herself in the snow, so after that she was happy to remain on the plowed road surface.


Windy Knoll Goldens and Moores enjoy the Vermont Winter

We paused in our walk to watch the skills of a neighboring snowmobiler zipping through the white fields. Even the dogs found it fascinating!

Have you taken your Goldens for a winter walk? You just might enjoy it as much as they do!

It’s Nice To Hear

We work hard to ensure that we place all of our AKC Golden Retriever puppies in wonderful homes. We find it is really a delight to work with the folks who become our dogs’ new families. And so to receive a note like the following makes our day!Huck Golden Retriever Male

Happy holidays to the Moore family!

I’m sorry it’s taken us so long to update you on Huck.  He’s a big bundle of energy, so it’s hard to get him to pose for pictures. 

I have attached a few, taken over the last few months.  (I apologize for the poor quality – I’m a bad photographer!)  But I think you can get a good sense of how he has grown.  I think he’s going to be the spitting image of Jenny – he has her curls on his back!

I also attached a picture of his graduation from Puppy Kindergarten – he was the star pupil, at both Kindergarten and Advanced Puppy classes!  He is the best boy – when there are treats to be earned!  He really is good at loose-leash walking – his trainer was very impressed.  He picks up everything very quickly.  Most puppies repeat Advanced Puppy more than once, but our trainer thinks he’s ready to move on to Level 2 already.There is also a picture of him with big sister Emma.  The two are inseparable!  His favorite sleeping position is on top of her.  He has a big, comfortable bed of his own, but he always prefers to share Emma’s – whether she likes it or not!…

Photo 5 was taken this morning.  He looks a little sleepy – just woke up from a nap.  He is up to 48 pounds and still growing fast.  We are trying to hold off on neutering him until he is full-grown, to give his bones a good chance to develop naturally. 

Everyone who meets him says that he is the quintessential golden retriever puppy, and asks who our breeder is.  I suspect you will have lots of inquiries from New Hampshire next summer!He has the sweetest, most loving personality.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy!  I hope you all are doing well, and have a wonderful holiday season!


Beth A.

Handsome Huck 

New England Winter Fun

Golden Retrievers are water dogs through and through (although you will find the occasional exception – one who does love H2O). Our Goldens, Shep, Betsy, Jenny, and Polly, are NOT exceptions; they all love water – be it ponds, puddles, rain, or the cooler version of precipitation: snow!

New England Winter Fun

Polly racing across the field

Here in beautiful Vermont, we’ve already experienced several snowstorms this winter, even as early as November! One storm dumped eighteen inches of heavy, wet snow in our area and resulted in a record power outage for us: seven days without electricity! Thanks to our woodstove and generator, we survived the outage quite comfortably. Plus, the enforced break from many of our normal daily responsibilities gave us and our dogs a delightful opportunity to enjoy the snow!Polly romping

IMG_1751Our hilly yard gives us lots of options for sledding; our favorite is the big hill out back that provides a straight, smooth steep run right into the field below! IMG_7750

Polly could not be persuaded to join the crew IN the sled…IMG_1640

…but she was happy to bound along behind, beside, or in front of the sleds in great excitement!IMG_1732

What delight for Polly: romping outdoors in the snow with lots of playmates!IMG_1756IMG_1757IMG_1755

With the possiblity of several months more of cold, snowy weather stretching out in front of us, I think we’ll all have plenty more opportunities to enjoy water in it’s winter forms of snow and ice! There’s no doubt that Polly, Jenny, Shep, and Betsy will! And there’s no doubt that Jonathan, Mary Grace, and Esther will also!In the snow4Sledding is fun with our Golden RetrieversIn the snow

Until next time…IMG_1651




A New Arrival…

November 22nd was a very special day here at Windy Knoll Farm! A new little member joined the Moore crew in the early morning hours:

Elizabeth Hope Moore

Greg and I both have loved the name Elizabeth throughout this pregnancy. Elizabeth carries the meaning of “My God is bountiful, or plentiful, abundant.” When we combine that with her middle name, “Hope”, it gives us a beautiful picture of the abundant hope that we have in our God. Our perfect, tiny Elizabeth may have been born into  a sinful, uncertain world, but she, as well as we, can have hope as she grows up because of Christ, who has overcome this world. “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.” (1 Peter 1:3-5)

Precious beyond words, our beautiful Elizabeth has captured all our hearts with her sweet cuddles and warm sleepiness!

Enjoying Elizabeth for Windy Knoll Golden BlogEven our Goldens approve of our new little one…

IMG_7917After all, Elizabeth is another friend for them to love and enjoy! As for Elizabeth, she was too busy sleeping to let us know what she thinks of her doggy family!If she follows in the footsteps of her older siblings, however, she’ll soon grow to love our goldens.

We’re so thankful for her and are adjusting to life as a family of six.

How Are “Our” Puppies Doing?

“Our” Puppies

It’s been about two months since we saw all our summer puppies off to their new homes. Thankfully, though, it was not the last that we’ve heard of them – we’ve been delighted to receive updates from many of the new owners on how “our” puppies are doing!

If you are one of those folks, I’d like to extend my thanks to you ! It always brightens my day when a good puppy report comes in!

Two of Betsy's sweet girls, sending a "Hello" from their new home!

Two of Betsy’s sweet girls, sending a “Hello” from their new home!

Take, for instance, the lovely photo above that I received just the other day, along with this encouraging report:

“Good morning to the Moore family

Hope you had a great vacation and now enjoying Indian summer.
Thought I would give you an update on the girls. Both are awesome pups. House trained from day 1, listen very well and are having fun being together.
Many people have said how beautiful and well mannered they are.
We have given your name to many so you may have some from NH next year.
They do not sit still long enough for an good side by side picture lol so this is one of them in the truck.
Kaylee is on the left.

Thank you again and we are so glad we got two.”

One of Betsy's boys is growing into quite a handsome fellow.

One of Betsy’s boys is growing into quite a handsome fellow.

Or there is the report from an older gentlemen whose very life seems wrapped around his new canine companion. I don’t forget the family who hesitated to add a puppy to their mix, but are now thrilled with their new addition! And of course, it’s wonderful to get to see real life updates of one little pup whose new home is right next door to ours with our wonderful neighbor. Cheryl and Bella paid us a visit just the other morning. Bella is growing like a weed, and could hardly contain her excited wriggles and kisses as she greeted us! She is such a pretty girl – and I can see Shep written all over her sweet face. She and Cheryl are best of friends, and she’s provided Cheryl with timely emotional support during a very difficult time in Cheryl’s life.

How are your dogs and pups doing?