Introducing Caleb T. Moore… A New Team Member of Windy Knoll Goldens!

We are excited to announce that we have a new member as part of our Windy Knoll Goldens team! Caleb Moore, a fine young man of seventeen, who also happens to be one of Greg’s younger brothers, has been interested in raising dogs for some time now. He’s seen some of the ropes of what happens … Read more

Golden Retriever Baseball

Sunday afternoon was a breezy, blustery, sunny afternoon – just the kind of afternoon to practice baseball with our aspiring young baseball players! Jonathan, at five, is the most excited young team member right now, and his frequents hits of the ball as he practiced his batting skills had us outfielders rather busy. All at … Read more

A Dozing Duo And More

Almost too cute for words, these two puppies from Polly’s litter conked out on the kitchen floor after a snuggling session last evening! Both litters of puppies, Polly’s at almost three weeks old and Betsy’s, at two weeks old, are doing great! It’s amazing to see how Betsy’s puppies, whose still don’t really have their … Read more

Esther Snuggles One of Polly’s Puppies (video)

Polly’s gorgeous little pups are one week old today and it’s hard to believe how much they’ve grown in just seven days! They are working hard on opening their eyes and the children are loving this cuddly stage. Two year old Esther is showing almost one year old Elizabeth the art of gentle caresses for … Read more

A Winter Walk With Our Goldens

I can’t think of a better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon than a winter walk with the whole family – our Goldens included! And since it warmed up to balmy temperatures in the twenties (that’s balmy compared to temperatures in the single digits or lower!), it was a perfect opportunity for one and … Read more

A New Arrival…

November 22nd was a very special day here at Windy Knoll Farm! A new little member joined the Moore crew in the early morning hours: Elizabeth Hope Moore Greg and I both have loved the name Elizabeth throughout this pregnancy. Elizabeth carries the meaning of “My God is bountiful, or plentiful, abundant.” When we combine … Read more