Betsy’s Beautiful Puppies Enjoy A Wagon Ride With Elizabeth!

At three weeks old, Betsy’s beautiful puppies are growing much more mobile and aware of their surroundings. However, when Elizabeth decided to take some of them for a ride around home in her little play wagon, they thought it was a wonderful time to snuggle in for a cozy nap! Beautiful Puppies Enjoy A Wagon … Read more

One Last Romp With Polly’s Fun Loving Puppies!

Here at Windy Knoll Farm, our children enjoyed one more afternoon romp with Windy Knoll Polly’s beautiful AKC Golden Retriever puppies. Over the next several days, these pups will be leaving for their new homes, and we wanted to make the most of one last opportunity to play with them! While we will miss each … Read more

Polly’s Golden Pups: Growing So Fast and Handsome

Esther and I enjoyed a lovely evening playing with Polly’s pups the other night – aren’t they growing so fast and handsome?! While they enjoyed some tug of war with Esther, they also still enjoy snuggling. The hardest aspect of taking pictures of them is that they don’t stay still long, and more often than … Read more

Polly and Pups Enjoy The Vermont Countryside!

I love seeing our  golden dogs in their natural environment – running, playing, or lazing outdoors! In the summer, when the weather is suitable, I love to see our growing golden puppies enjoying our beautiful Vermont countryside, and doing what pups should have ample opportunity to do: tumble, wrestle, roll, and loll about in the … Read more

A Week In the Life of Golden Sunshine’s Pups

Golden Sunshine’s (Sunny’s) puppies simply grow cuter with each passing day, and at three and a half weeks old, they often remind me of little rays of sunshine with their beautiful gold coats and cheerful antics! A new milestone occurred when they enjoyed their first taste of food this week, as well as enjoying plenty … Read more

Days in the Lives of Polly’s Golden Puppies

Polly’s Golden puppies are two and a half weeks old now, and really beginning to emerge as little pups who are expressing more and more interest in their surroundings, although they are still devoted to much sleep and much nursing! Enjoy the photos and videos below which will give a glimpse into their past week … Read more

Cute Collars for Cute Golden Pups!

Today, the children and I marked each puppy in Polly and Sunny’s litters with little identification colors. I think that the bright, soft, velcro colors only add to the cuteness of the puppies’ already adorable features! In the video above, you can see Polly’s pups, who are a week and a half old, and whom … Read more

Sunday Afternoon Snuggles And Songs

  It’s not too hard to tell that Elizabeth loves all the adorable little Golden Retriever puppies here on Windy Knoll Farm! Sunny’s and Polly’s puppies, at two and a half and one and a half weeks old respectively, are just the right size to snuggle and sing to, and that is just what Elizabeth did … Read more