Children and Golden Retrievers – Perfect Companions

One of the well know and loved traits of Golden Retrievers is their amicable, friendly, and trustworthy nature that suit them so well to the family. In fact, these very traits are some of the primary reasons Golden Retrievers rank as our dog breed of choice! Having four young children, it is quite important to … Read more

A Golden Retriever’s Trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens

Shep is pretty pleased with his quiet, pleasant life as the senior member of the Windy Knoll Goldens crew. This week, however, his predictable routine has changed with a trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens! Our AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep, who has sired an impressive number of wonderful golden retriever progeny, continues to leave behind … Read more

A Glimpse of Today…

We have an over abundance of burdock plants infesting our yard, and Polly managed to run through a patch of the dried, dead stalks and pick up a nice collection of burs in her auburn coat. I figured I would enjoy giving her a good brushing out – but instead I found myself surrounded by … Read more

A Winter Walk With Our Goldens

I can’t think of a better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon than a winter walk with the whole family – our Goldens included! And since it warmed up to balmy temperatures in the twenties (that’s balmy compared to temperatures in the single digits or lower!), it was a perfect opportunity for one and … Read more