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English Cream/American Golden Retriever Puppy

We’re glad you’re interested in a Golden Retriever puppy!  Golden Retrievers are beautiful animals with an enormous capacity for love and loyalty. Their warm personalities make them a wonderful addition to a family or for an individual. Windy Knoll Goldens offers Limited Registration American Kennel Club (AKC) golden retriever puppies for sale.

We are moving to Maine! Though the date is tentative, we can say as of late spring or early summer 2021 all puppy pick ups will happen somewhere near Bangor, Maine! We will update the website once the move date is final. Please keep this in mind as you reserve your puppy. Most puppies reserved from today forward will most likely be picked up in Maine.

Remember! Golden Retriever Puppies Require:

  • a lot of time
  • attention
  • care, in a safe and loving environment
  • 2 years of NuVet Plus for your puppy.  Please have proof of purchase on hand when picking up your puppy. The transition is a critical time for your puppy and we wouldn’t want it to be without this vital nutritional product.
  • 2 years of PawTree Dog Food (but recommended for the life time of your golden)

We will only place our puppies with individuals who will provide the appropriate love, housing, and care for them (see form below to tell us about yourself).

All Windy Knoll Golden Retriever puppies see a veterinarian, and are wormed multiple times before leaving.  They also receive their first vaccinations before they leave our premises. (Please read our Sales Contract for complete details.) A $500 non-refundable deposit will hold the puppy of your choice and will be applied toward the total of your puppy.

American Golden (dark to medium golden)  $2900 + sales tax

American/English Cream mix $2900 + sales tax

English Cream (white golden) $2900 + sales tax


Our 2020 Puppy Litters Are Anticipated As Follows:

There are a number of future breeding pairs that are not listed here. If you want to get on one of those to be named lists please place a deposit for one of the three categories listed on the form below.

Check out a video of some spring puppies here! VIDEO

Check out the latest updates here! UPDATES

April Golden Retriever April & Grant

April and Grant will be our first fall full American golden pair. April is an energetic and friendly 85 lb American golden retriever. Puppies from this litter will be medium to large in size and medium to dark red in color. April is due near the end of September *** All puppy reservations are taken!***

April’s puppies are here! Check out this video!

Daisy & Grant

Daisy is a first time soon to be doggy mom and is doing great! She has good hips and perfect genetics but most importantly, she has a great personality. Just what you’d expect in a calm American golden retriever. Daisy is due at the end of September.  *** All puppy reservations are taken!***

Daisy’s Puppies are here! Check out the cute videos!

Medium Colored Golden Retriever Patsy & Charlie are a much anticipated pair! These puppies will be medium to dark golden in color and medium to large in size. Puppies are anticipated mid October. ***All puppy reservations are taken!***

Patsy’s puppy is here! It’s a record size litter and puppy!

AKC Windy Knoll Goldens English Cream Buddy

Golden Retrieve with puppies Spice & Buddy’s litter is due near the end of November! People loved the puppies from this pair last time around, so we decided to breed another English Cream/American mix with the two of them!  ***All puppy reservations are taken!***

Clara & CharlieWindy Knoll Goldens Charlie New England Golden Retrievers

This is the first time we have had this pair together. Both have blockier heads and gentle personalities. Clara is dark red while Charlie is a medium colored golden. Clara is due early to mid December. ***All puppy reservations are taken!***

Online Reservation Form

We are now accepting deposits for puppies that will be going home next summer.  Here are three different categories you can choose from:

  1. English Cream Golden Retrievers
  2. American Golden Retrievers
  3. English Cream/American Golden Retrievers.

Once you place your deposit. You will be place on a waiting list and will be notified when a puppy is available for you. You will be given the choice of which litter and which puppy you want (based on your position in the queue). Reservations and waiting lists are honored on a first come, first serve basis. We also offer “Pick of the Litter Male” and a “Pick of the Litter Female if you should so choose.” But those are also available on a first come first serve basis.

  • We reserve the right to screen all potential puppy owners. Your description will be reviewed and checked against our policies to ensure a safe, favorable environment for our puppies. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Puppy Reservation Specifics

    Buyer's choice of Puppy: (These choices will be honored on a first come, first serve basis). Online Non-Refundable Deposit Only. By placing a deposit you are guaranteeing that you will purchase a puppy from Windy Knoll Goldens LLC at some point in the future. No Refunds Issued. We will be happy to place you on another litter list if one doesn't work out. Puppy buyers will be placed on a first come- first serve basis.
  • Final Details

    Please click buttons below to affirm that: 1. You have read or are familiar with the Puppy Sales Contract 2. You will procure NuVet Plus nutritional supplement by puppy pick up day as a condition of purchasing a puppy from Windy Knoll Goldens LLC and that you agree to maintain it for at least the first two years of your puppy's life. 3. You will use PawTree dog food for at least the first 2 years.
    We accept on Pick of the Litter Male and one Pick of the Litter per litter. "Pick of the Litter Male/Female" reserves you the right to make first choice of male or female puppy before any other individuals' reservations. The additional $200/$100 dollars required to secure this choice is due at the time you pick up the puppy. Choosing these options will not necessarily guarantee receiving them.
  • Puppy Reservation Deposit - Terms & Conditions

    A non-refundable deposit of $500.00, payable by bank check, money order, credit card (see below) or cash, will reserve the puppy of your choice.

    If we are unable to provide you with the puppy of your choice (i.e. you choose a female from one of the litters that ended up being all males) we will transfer your deposit to the next available puppy from the litter of your choice.

    By submitting this form online you agree to electronic consent of this contract, and your submission binds you to all agreements and conditions of this document.

    Upon receipt of you contract, and clearing of your payment, we will reserve your puppy. You can expect us to post pictures and video updates of the puppies to the website and Facebook.

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    Deposit will be applied toward the total
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