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2017 is a busy and exciting year with several new litters of AKC Golden Retriever puppies planned from our Windy Knoll Golden AKC Golden Retrievers.

Our next planned litters of AKC Golden Retriever Puppies are anticipated as follows:

Jenny was bred Brodie for a March 2017 Litter. Their beautiful litter of seven males arrived on March 3, 2017.

All the puppies have been sold from this litter, and are enjoying their new homes!

Polly has been bred with Finnegan for a May 2017 Litter

Polly’s puppies arrived on May 25th, 2017! Her healthy, large litter of dark red goldens include two females and eight males. These adorable little pups are all enjoying their new homes. 

Sunny has been bred with Jack for a May 2017 Litter. 

Sunny and Jack’s adorable puppies arrived on May 18th, 2017! With medium gold coats like their parents, and promise of the marvelous temperaments of both their mom and dad, these healthy pups are little treasures! There are no puppies available from this litter. 

Betsy and Jack have been bred for a July 2017 Litter

Betsy and Jack’s lovely litter of dark golden puppies arrived on July 26th, 2017, three strong healthy males, and three beautiful, healthy females! All puppies are spoken for. 

We will post our 2018 Litter plans in the fall of 2017. We are currently starting to take names on our wait lists for these litters.

Playing in the wheelbarrow is fun

We’re glad you’re interested in a Golden Retriever puppy!  Golden Retrievers are beautiful animals with an enormous capacity for love and loyalty. Their warm personalities make them a wonderful addition to a family or for an individual. Windy Knoll Farm offers AKC registered golden retriever puppies for sale.

Remember! Golden Retriever Puppies Require:

  • a lot of time
  • attention, and
  • care, in a safe and loving environment.

We will only place our puppies with individuals who will provide the appropriate love and care for them.

All Windy Knoll Golden Retriever puppies have had veterinary care, have been dewormed and have received their first shots when they leave our premises. (Please read our Sales Contract for complete details.) A $300 non-refundable deposit will hold the puppy of your choice and will be applied toward the total of $1800 when you bring your puppy home.

To Reserve a Golden Retriever Puppy:

Online Reservation Form

For each litter, we accept a limited number of pre-birth reservations. Once those have been filled, we maintain a waiting list for any puppies available once the litter has been born. Reservations and waiting lists are honored on a first come, first serve basis. We also offer a “Pick of the Litter Male” and a “Pick of the Litter Female.”  Please read our Puppy Reservation Contract for more details, or read the information below in the form.