Luxury Dog Food

Top Priority

We place top priority of the health of our wonderful golden retrievers and this starts with good food. Over the years as breeders, we have had the opportunity to try out many different brands of dog food, starting with some cheap off brands from big box stores and moving eventually moving toward the overall health of our dogs.  The cheap brands made our dogs less vibrant with dry coats, flaky skin, and bad odor. We didn’t want to see our dogs suffer from bad food, so we moved up to a slightly more expensive dog food that promised to be more beneficial to our dogs.  Instead of a great improvement, they still maintained their thrifty appearance, sand papery (if that is a word) coat, and a generally uninviting appearance.

The shelves at the big box stores have so many different choices, so we started trying one food, then another.  Our dogs turned their noses up to some foods, and liked others, but we were less than satisfied with the overall result even though we were now spending at least twice as much as we initially did.

Enter Paw Tree Dog Food

We happened to be glancing through our Facebook page and noticed a message from someone telling us about a dog food product called PawTree.  I had never heard of it.  It offered both good grain and grain free options — something I knew from research was much better for our pets than wheat, soy or corn ingredients. It also didn’t contain white potatoes which is high in starch which not good for canines because it is high glycemic and can lead to diabetes.  We were intrigued.  By the end of her sales pitch we were hooked. No recalls, top notch ingredients, no fillers, no starches, low glycemic.  This was almost the dream food we had been searching for.  We say almost, because we knew it wasn’t as good as a raw food meat and veggies diet. But as far as kibble goes, it was the best we had ever heard of.

We bought a sample bag and gave it to a few of our dogs. They loved it.  We tried another bag.  They still loved it.  We called our PawTree representative and purchased our first big pallet of PawTree Turkey based dog food.  Because it didn’t have any fillers, our dogs needed much less than the cheap brands — HALF of what they normally ate. Over the first week their coats started to shine again, their doggy odor started to subside and I knew that we had a winner.

We haven’t looked back and neither have our dogs.  They love it and we love it.  People might call it a luxury dog food; and it is.  But we love it just because it feeds our “Happy Healthy Golden Retrievers”.


~Greg   President, Windy Knoll Goldens LLC