Reserve Your Windy Knoll Kitten Online

We're glad you're interested in one of our cute kittens born in the wonderful State of Maine!

Cats are beautiful pets with an enormous capacity for love and loyalty and friskiness. Their warm personalities make them a wonderful addition to a family or for an individual who will return the love.

Important: Our Kittens Require a Lot of Care and Attention to be Happy and Healthy.

  • A lot of time
  • Your attention
  • Care, in a safe and loving environment
  • Highly recommended: maintain NuVet Plus® Feline Powder for at least 2 years.  The transition is a critical time for your kitten and we wouldn’t want it to be without this vital nutritional product.

We are located in Bradford, Maine. From Portsmouth, NH, it is a 3 hour drive on Interstate 95, or 4 hours from Boston.

We want our kittens to thrive and live happy lives! We want them all to enjoy households that are full of love and attention, for that’s what they thrive on. We know they will return the love tenfold, and you will both be very happy!

We will only place our kittens with individuals or families who will provide the appropriate love, housing, and care they need, so please see the form below to tell us about yourself.

Deposits and Pricing

A $25 non-refundable deposit will hold the kitten of your choice and will be applied toward the total cost of your kitten.

All kittens can be picked up in Bradford, Maine where they were born and raised on our beautiful 99 acre property with huge fields, woods and streams.

Shown below are some of the adorable kittens that have joined our family here in Maine!


  • We reserve the right to screen all potential kitten owners. Your description will be reviewed and checked against our policies to ensure a safe, favorable environment for our kittens. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Kitten Reservation Specifics

    Buyer's choice of Kitten: (These choices will be honored on a first come, first serve basis). Online Non-Refundable Deposit Only. By placing a deposit you are guaranteeing that you will purchase a kitten from Windy Knoll Kittens at some point in the future. No Refunds Issued. We will be happy to place you on another litter list if one doesn't work out. Kitten buyers will be placed on a first come- first serve basis.
  • Kitten Reservation Deposit - Terms & Conditions

    A non-refundable deposit of $25.00, payable by bank check, money order, credit card (see below) or cash, will reserve the kitten of your choice.

    If we are unable to provide you with the kitten of your choice (i.e. you choose a female from one of the litters that ended up being all males) we will transfer your deposit to the next available kitten from the litter of your choice.

    By submitting this form online you agree to electronic consent of this contract, and your submission binds you to all agreements and conditions of this document.

    Upon receipt of you contract, and clearing of your payment, we will reserve your kitten.

  • Deposit will be applied toward the total
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