Testimonials About Our Golden Retrievers

Here are some comments from our golden retriever customers…

Light golden retriever


In July, we drove to Vermont to your farm to  pick up our little puppy, daughter of Florence and Grant (Born June 1). Tilly, is a wonderful puppy. My three children adore her and she is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you.


Rusty - A Golden RetrieverRusty…

Photos are of Rusty at 9 months. My grandson was visiting from Idaho and had fun with Rusty. Connor does not have a dog, but had a great time with Rusty. Rusty is gentle, loving and not at all aggressive. He sleeps upside down on his back. My husband spends a great deal of time with him outdoors. He has trained him well. Rusty runs around the yard with  sticks he gets  in the woods. He loves to go in the car and truck. Rusty gets to play with my cousin’s dog and has a real good time. We hope to take him swimming in the stream when it warms up. I am so thankful to have another golden that is as gentle as Casey was. Each dog is unique. It didn’t take long to get attached to Rusty. He is a big part of our daily lives.

Irene K.


Dear Greg, Arielle, Mary Grace, Jonathan and Ester,
  I thought on Addie’s 1st birthday it would be a great time to write my thank you letter to you all.
What a wonderful, smart, loving dog we have! She has been such a joy to our family. She potty trained in only 2 weeks and sailed through her dog obedience training ( the trainer kept telling me how smart she was). We have learned that her superior intelligence has come with a bright, spirited, happy, energetic dog and we are truly blessed!
  Our thanks again for our little girl!
      Lisa, Steve, Carolyn and Emily D.

Golden RetrieverGordie…

Hey guys!!! I just wanted to contact you and let you know that your little black collar boy has grown into a very handsome dog. This was him last weekend at mount Washington in New Hampshire. I couldn’t be happier with the puppy I got. Thank you so much for providing me with my best friend. I have a son that’s due in October and I can’t wait for Gordie to meet him.

Aaron P.

Ruby - A Windy Knoll Golden RetreiverRuby…

Ruby really is a great, intelligent dog.  So far everything is going well…she is in her teen stage right now, and is getting large, yet still thinks she is itty bitty.  It’s funny, except when she jumps on you.  Of course, nothing time and training won’t remedy ;)…Don’t know about your girls, but Ruby sure does love romping around in snow!

Heather J.

Tashi - A Golden RetreiverTashi…

Here’s a picture of Tashi, she looks just like her mom! She loves the outdoors and is always happy and playful. She was even brave enough to swim! Our puppy has come a long way from being scared of the kitchen, learning new tricks and becoming great at walking off-leash. Thank Betsy for bringing our wonderful pup into the world!

David C.


Maggie - A Windy Knoll Golden RetreiverMaggie…

My mother met a lady at her gym that recently had to put her 14 year old golden retriever down.  My mother recommended Windy Knoll Goldens because we were so pleased with you and Mr. Moore!  I’m not sure of the person’s name but I believe she has been in contact with you already.

Kate C.

Lilly and KayleeLilly & Kaylee

Good morning to the Moore family

Hope you had a great vacation and now enjoying Indian summer.
Thought I would give you an update on the girls. Both are awesome pups. House trained from day 1, listen very well and are having fun being together.
Many people have said how beautiful and well mannered they are.
We have given your name to many so you may have some from NH next year.
They do not sit still long enough for an good side by side picture lol so this is one of them in the truck.
Kaylee is on the left.

Thank you again and we are so glad we got two.

The Campbells

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