Polly At Play On Windy Knoll Farm

Autumn is here in all it’s splendor!

Autumn leaves on Windy Knoll Farm

We packed away all our summer clothes recently and hauled out our winter clothes in their stead, only to find that we needed to pull out the summer clothes again when remarkably warm temperatures descended this week! Who can complain, though?! Balmy, sunny seventy-plus degree weather and brilliant fall foliage set a lovely stage for heading outside to work on fall clean up projects. Our jobs for today included harvesting some of the late autumn veggies and cleaning up the garden.

Blog - cabbages

The children and I thought Polly would love to help out. Polly, however, had other ideas. Her delight was contagious as she bounded this way and that in an excess of joy. She soon settled down to what she considered the most important job at present:

Windy Knoll Polly gets a big hug

Don’t you think that getting hugs is much more important than hauling in the harvest? It’s even better if you can persuade other little workers how much fun it is to give pets and hugs!

Polly and Mary bringing in the harvest

On the other hand, perhaps it is worth it to see about joining in the work if it involves food –  what IS in that basket? A growing dog needs plenty of nutrition. Beets, carrots, and cabbage are  not Polly’s first favorites, though, so it’s time to see about a few more snuggles. Ahh, Mary Grace is a good dog petter AND it looks like she has some food!

Blog - Mary and Polly

Mary gladly shares some snuggles, but prefers to keep her snack to herself. Polly isn’t too distressed over the situation, however; a little tussle with Buster the cat as well as a round of “fetch the ball” with Mama, Mary, Jonathan, and Esther is just as much fun! Polly shows the most promise of all our dogs as an excellent ball retriever!

Blog - Polly, Mary. and Jonathan

Well, perhaps we can’t say that Polly helped our jobs along that quickly today – but she helped us slow down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, the delight of little ones and pups, the silky smooth softness of rich golden fur, and the pure love of life!

We love our Windy Knoll Polly!

As a sidenote, Jenny’s OFA results should be coming soon!