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We hope you’ll enjoy perusing our website and learning a little more about us and our wonderful AKC Golden Retrievers! Feel free to email or call us at 802-265-0222 if you have any questions, or are interested in a puppy from one of our upcoming litters.

We have several litters of AKC Golden Retriever Puppies planned for 2018!

If you are interested in one of our Windy Knoll Golden puppies, raised with love in a family environment, please visit our Reserve A Puppy page to check for availability.

Reserve Your Puppy

Our fall 2018 reservations and waiting lists are now filled up. We would appreciate it if you wait to contact us until after we announce the birth of our puppies in November as we don’t know how many puppies we will have.  At that point we will post an update with the number of available puppies.

The Latest Golden Retriever Puppy News!

Such Fun Puppy Snuggles!

The puppies continue to grow in cuteness – and at this stage, the children find it particularly fun to cuddle them as if they were real babies! Today, Clara’s puppies enjoyed the fun puppy snuggles as much as the children enjoyed holding them, playing with them, and helping to weigh and administer wormer to them! […]

A Smattering of Golden Pup Pictures

How fast do puppies grow? In just a few weeks time, puppies rapidly develop from little sleepy logs to, as our little four year old described it yesterday, “Such cute, chubby clumps of puppies!” (when speaking of Clara’s robust young’uns!). From Clara’s three and a half week old dark red goldens, who bark in cute […]

A Quick Update

It’s been a very busy few weeks – between puppies arriving, bottlefeeding puppies, being up all night for several nights attending to different litters, and attempting to keep all the dogs and kids fed and cared for in-between said busyness! I think it’s calmed down to a more reasonable pace in the last day or […]

Another Litter Announcement from Windy Knoll Goldens

Yes, it’s been hopping here these last few weeks, with so many puppies arriving, and yet another litter announcement to make! Today’s news is concerning our litter from Lady Margarite (Meg) of Windy Knoll Goldens. Meg and Dozer’s adorable little AKC English Cream/American Golden puppies were born on November 10, 2019. Not only were there […]