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Our Little English Cream Puppies Are Growing Fast!

It’s been a delight enjoying our first litter of full English Cream puppies with their stunning dark eyes, silky white coats, and adorable little faces! Dory and Dozer’s four girls and four boys have grown tremendously since I last posted pictures of them. I have got to say that while I personally really admire the […]

Patsy and Murphy’s Golden Puppies Announcement

Life is never dull around here! Only 24 hours after Dory’s pups arrived, Patsy delivered her lovely litter of AKC American Goldens!  On March 26th, 2020 her four girls and three boys arrived safe and sound and have been busy every since growing like weeds! Patsy grows particularly plump, rolly-polly, adorable pups and this litter […]

First Litter of English Cream Goldens at Windy Knoll Goldens

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of our first litter of English Cream Goldens! Dory’s and Dozer’s little goldens were born on March 25, 2020, beautiful, tiny white little bundles! Four males and four females complete Dory’s healthy, vigorous litter of calm, laid little pups.  They keep quite busy with nursing, sleeping, snuggling with […]

Your Dog Cannot Give You COVID-19 From AKC

EDITOR’S NOTE: A big, blinking, red stop sign of warning: There is absolutely no connection between the COVID-19 virus and any canine coronavirus referenced in this article. Most importantly, even though dogs can get a mild respiratory form of the canine-specific coronavirus, that virus is totally unrelated to the current human pandemic. Bottom line: Your dog cannot […]

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