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April’s Dark Red Goldens Are Doing Great!

Is it possible to post too many puppy pictures? Is it possible to decide which litter or even which puppy is the cutest? I’ll let you determine that – but we couldn’t post pictures of both Daisy and Spice’s pups without including an update on April’s fine litter!

April and Grant’s puppies are now three weeks old, beautiful dark red little canines just the right size for little hands to hold! Our little children love how nicely these pups fit into chubby hands and little laps, and how they aren’t quite as active as their older counterparts, making them perfect for sweet snuggles! With milky blue eyes open to the beautiful world around them and little legs growing stronger with each day, these little boys and girls are enjoying more and more forays in the spring sunshine!






Puppy Pictures of Spice’s Lovely Litter

After sharing some cute photos of Daisy and Teddy’s puppies, we also wanted to pop on with some pictures of Spice and Buddy’s equally adorable litter.

At four weeks old, these little pups are enjoying more adventures in life, including eating food, wrestling and tumbling over one another, and playing outdoors whenever the weather is nice enough.  And in spite of being a bit younger than Daisy’s pups, they are just as eager to keep up outside, trotting through the grass on chubby little legs, galloping after the children in games of chase, and sensibly seeking comfortable arms or a shady green retreat when these antics tire them out!




Daisy’s Darling Six Week Old Puppies

It seems as if we were just posting the news that Daisy and Teddy’s litter of American Golden/English Cream puppies had arrived! Now, they are already six weeks old, and have a wealth of enthusiasm, vigor, and zest for life! It won’t be long before they are bringing joy, love, and endless cuteness to their new family’s homes! In the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying their adorable faces, sweet snuggles, and playful puppy romps each day during playtime. Next week will bring an additional adventure with the puppies’ vet examinations!

I happen to think this litter quite adorable – but in in case you want to check it out yourself and catch a case of puppy cuteness overload, take a peek at all those beautiful pups below!





April and Grant’s Large, Beautiful Litter of Dark Red Golden Pups!

Look at all those little Golden Retrievers! They are our newest litter of puppies here in Maine at Windy Knoll Goldens!

April Golden Retriever Puppy

April and Grant’s pretty dark red pups arrived on April 6, 2021 – a very large litter of 12 healthy canines, 3 boys and 9 girls!

With sturdy, dark red April as their enthusiastic mother, and handsome, dark red Grant as their father, these pups promise to mature into beautiful, dark red adults with a lot of zest and loyalty for life! At the moment, however, they’re busy just being sweet and taking the responsibility of growing bigger and cuter each day quite seriously. Their beautiful blue eyes are open to the world, although their means of locomotion is still adorably rolly-polly and slow as they tumble about on legs that are still a bit wobbly! With so many littermates, there’s always someone to snuggle with, and if there’s not a pup to snuggle with, there is sure to be one of the children ready to take over the job! Each day also finds them undergoing the bio sensor therapy that is an important part of every puppy’s foundation here at Windy Knoll Goldens.



It’s a lot of work being a puppy … all that eating, sleeping, and snuggling just wears me out! Good night….

Spice & Buddy’s Litter Announcement

Spring is slowly arriving here in our neck of the woods in central Maine, and with the warming temperatures, greening grass, and promise of foliage and flowers on the way, it seems like an especially perfect time to welcome new life here at Windy Knoll Goldens – a brand new litter of lovely puppies!

Spice and Buddy’s healthy litter arrived on April 1, 2021, with three adorable boys and three equally cute girls, all robust, large, and chubby pups!

Under the loving nurture of their mother, Spice, and all the caring hands around here, this litter is thriving and growing, toddling about on little legs with cute little squeaks and growls, and have even enjoyed some sunshine on particularly warm days!  Spice and Buddy's Puppy

Spice and Buddy's Puppy

Spice and Buddy's Puppy

Spice & Buddy's Puppy

Spice and Buddy's Puppy


Happy Spring and A Beautiful New Litter of Puppies!

We’re delighted to introduce a new little of beautiful puppies, born to our sweet, pretty American Golden Daisy and gorgeous, lovable English Cream sire Teddy on March 19th, 2021! This large litter of eleven, hearty, healthy little goldens are thriving under Daisy’s excellent mothering, and enjoying what newborn pups do best: nursing, sleeping, and snuggling! With an honey golden mother and an white English Cream father, this litter of pups are lovely hues ranging from light to medium gold.

Newborn pups exhibit great sibling camaraderie, always seeking to snuggle together in the most cooperative manner, even when it means some end up on the bottom and others on the top!


Tiny adorable paws, nose, and ears – isn’t God’s creation perfect?!



We don’t have baskets of bunnies around here, but a basket of puppies is pretty adorable too!


Sleeping sweetly as a baby!

Enjoy the pictures and please note that all of these puppies are already spoken for.

A Child’s Golden Story

Our children are blessed to be growing up with some of the best canine companions around – Goldens! Our dogs are part of their everyday lives, and we couldn’t be happier that they get to experience the joys, lessons, and work that these animals share with them! Our second grade daughter recently wrote about one of the aspects of daily life here at Windy Knoll Goldens:

Bio Sensor Therapy For our Cute Puppies

Every day, Jonathan, Mary, Elizabeth, Anna, and I go out to the kennel where our cute puppies reside. It is our job to do bio-sensor therapy for each puppy. Bio-sensor therapy helps our golden retriever puppies be calm, well adjusted dogs. When we pick up each puppy, we move them up, down, upside down, and wiggle their toes as we count to five for each step. After bio-sensor therapy is finished on each of the ten puppies, I get to play with them! I cuddle the soft, chubby, golden puppies. They chase us around on strong, little legs. Sometimes, they bark, and wiggle their short tails. They are so, so cute! My favorite puppy is a soft, little brown girl who is sweet and cuddly and always runs to me when I open the door. I call her Vanilla. I love our Golden Retriever puppies and am glad I get to do bio-sensor therapy with them! 

(For more information on why we implement bio-sensor therapy with all our puppies, feel free to click here.)

FDA Finds NO Link Between Grain Free Foods and DCM

No Link…

Why am I not surprised? After 2 years of scaring dog owners and causing many pet food manufacturers to scramble to find replacements for their quality lines of FDA approved dog food, the FDA finally admits there is no link between grain free dog foods and dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM. I could have said as much without costing taxpayers millions… oh wait, I did! I looked at every single case the FDA reported on their website (around 600 cases at the time) and found that the numbers didn’t add up. There was no rhyme or reason looking at the dog foods used and the supposed correlation between the dog food and DCM. For years, Windy Knoll Goldens has stood by our use of high quality grain free dog foods which are healthier for our dogs as grains cause a multitude of problems. This whole thing looked like a “conspiracy” (yes I said it) by the largest multi-national dog food corporations along with the FDA, who they seem to have in their back pocket, to persecute smaller companies who were using higher quality ingredients and cutting into their profit margin. But that is just my opinion.

New Study suggests FDA has some serious explaining to do regarding DCM

The Fight to Justify Grains

You see, grain is cheap but dogs don’t do well with it especially when it is one of the primary ingredients. Some grain ingredients are used as fillers and are entirely useless to dogs. Think of it this way: that 50 lb bag of dog food may actually be 25 pounds of available food for the dog. It is a way to make it look like you are getting a good price for a large bag of dog food.  This is a victory for the smaller guy which means it is a victory for you and me.

I’d still like the FDA to look at why cancers are exploding across the pet world. Could it be something in the FDA approved dog food formulas? Could it be FDA approved pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed on our lawns and our food supply? Could it be FDA approved vaccines that have mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, live viruses, and worse yet, aborted human babies.  And yes, the last ingredient is sadly in many dog vaccines and human vaccines. I’d like to see the FDA remove those harmful ingredients from the vaccines so they are safe, yet effective. This is why we use Hampl’s 9 way non-toxic dog vaccine.

We continue to be happy with PawTree’s grain free sweet potato and turkey recipe. This is the formula we recommend, but leave the choice up to you. Also, don’t forget to get a good beef bone for your dog as Thanksgiving rolls around. No matter how “good” the bag of kibble may be, nothing can beat God’s natural food for your dog. Your golden will be very Thankful!

Read the article here.

Our Record Setting Puppy

Some of you know that we had a record setting litter arrive several weeks ago: Patsy presented us with one, very large, very cute little girl pup! Needless to say, with no mealtime competition, and undivided attention from Patsy, this little girl is an extremely large, chubby, vigorous puppy who is the spitting image of her handsome sire, Charlie! Although not quite developmentally on the same page as Daisy’s older litter, she definitely is almost as big as them! Isn’t she adorable?!

Here’s her pretty mother, Patsy:

And this is her sire, our handsome Charlie:

Medium Colored Golden Retriever

Can you notice the resemblance?!