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Update: Patsy’s Last Puppy

Thank you all for the interest you have shown in the last female puppy from Patsy and Sampson’s litter. She will now have a loving, wonderful home. For any of you who are still looking for a puppy, there are a few available places on a few upcoming litters due to go home in January and February. Just go to the “Puppy Reservation Page” on to get on the waiting list for a future puppy.

A Bit of Golden From Our Fall!

Hope you all are enjoying as Golden a fall as we are around here! While cold weather is starting to set in here in Vermont where we breed and raise our AKC Golden Retrievers, Patsy’s puppies were thrilled to fit in a bit more outdoor adventures while the warm weather lasted! They are doing great, and will soon be getting their vet exams!





Patsy’s Lovely Puppies Enjoy Playtime

Patsy’s lovely puppies enjoy playtime – and since we’ve been blessed with an extended, balmy autumn here in New England, they’ve even enjoyed little forays outdoors!









Growing Pups

Patsy’s litter growing fast!

…waking up from their naps…

…Big Yawns…

Food Time!… and bath time!

Fall Puppies

New England’s Finest Golden Retrievers


Windy Knoll Goldens Martha Washington “Patsy” delivered a healthy litter of 11 dark golden retriever puppies on the 24th of September!  Mother is doing fine and happily caring for her adorable puppies. The puppies weights and lengths and names are  … wait, this sounds like a baby announcement!

For a first time mother, Patsy did great; birthing puppy after puppy that afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30. This is probably a record fast delivery for our dogs over the past few years. It also is nice to have a daytime delivery, otherwise, we (read I) have to stay up all night with her.  She seemed to know what she was doing and settled down very quickly to a proper nursing and sleeping schedule.  All the puppies are spoken for at this time, so any new inquiries for this litter will have to be turned away or… be directed to a couple other litters that are due starting in 2 months!

I grabbed a few quick pictures of the puppies and Patsy nursing them. Also check out our Youtube video by clicking here.

One week old dark american golden retriever puppies Eleven Dark Golden Retriever Puppies from AKC Windy Knoll Golden Patsy


This Golden Puppy Needs Your Help!!

It’s been a pleasure these past weeks seeing all of our golden puppies connecting with their new families as they have headed off to their new homes! One of our greatest delights in raising Goldens is our joy in seeing each puppy united with their wonderful new owners, the start of loving canine/human relationship. ‘

We have just one little pup who has yet to go home with her new owners – and one little Golden puppy that needs your help! We’ve chosen this beautiful little golden girl to keep in our own Golden family, but we’re having one problem with her. We can’t settle on a suitable name for her.

So, help us out and let us know your suggestions! This little girl is one of Sunny and Charlie’s offspring – and has a wonderful disposition just like her parents.

A Sunny Hello

Well folks, it’s been hopping around here with puppy care, puppy vet exams, and new puppy owners coming and picking up their new puppies from our oldest litters! So, we’ve not had too many moments to post pictures to our blog, but today, here’s a Sunny Hello from one of Sunny and Charlie’s beautiful, friendly little goldens! They’re growing great and have wonderful personalities, and are scheduled for their vet exams this coming week. Maple and Major’s pretty English Cream/American Golden puppies are also growing rapidly, while Spice and Clara’s adorable little canines are all in the process of heading off to their new homes!

Snapshots from the day at Windy Knoll Goldens…

One of Maple’s beautiful young English Cream/American Golden pups snoozing in the soft, cool grass.

Graceful and pretty, Maple looks on while one of her little canines takes a nap in the wagon while Elizabeth gives her a ride.

And while puppies have taken center stage for a while here with all their adorableness, we can’t forget the rest of our canine family:

The children and I say hello to some of our beautiful young, AKC Golden girls, like Daisy, pictured above!

Not to be left out of the excitement, Pickle, a vivacious, alert, and lovely young lady Golden, quickly joined Daisy.

Susie is a sweet, dark red Golden who, in spite of a small compact, frame, has a great capacity for love, loyalty, and fun!

Pearl and Florence, our first two AKC English Cream girls, are maturing into stunning young Goldens with great proportions and gorgeous coats of white!