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Our Little English Cream Puppies Are Growing Fast!

It’s been a delight enjoying our first litter of full English Cream puppies with their stunning dark eyes, silky white coats, and adorable little faces! Dory and Dozer’s four girls and four boys have grown tremendously since I last posted pictures of them. I have got to say that while I personally really admire the dark gold color in a mature Golden Retriever, there is something quite irreplaceable about the cuteness of the little white English Cream pup’s faces!

At three weeks old, they’re now enjoying toddling about their home, sampling real dog food here and there, and wearing shiny little color coded collars.. They’re still  most earnest about sleeping, nursing and snuggling, though!

During playtime with puppies just yesterday, the children came trooping to me one by one to show me their personal favorite little puppy, each snuggled cozily in little arms, and each, in my opinion, about as cute as the next.

Sleeping upside down in Esther's arms, as cozy and content as can be!

I think that’s a Good Night photo from one of our very sleepy, very content, very adorable English Cream puppies! I hope you sleep as well as she is!


Patsy and Murphy’s Golden Puppies Announcement

Life is never dull around here! Only 24 hours after Dory’s pups arrived, Patsy delivered her lovely litter of AKC American Goldens! 

On March 26th, 2020 her four girls and three boys arrived safe and sound and have been busy every since growing like weeds! Patsy grows particularly plump, rolly-polly, adorable pups and this litter is no exception! Each day finds them a little fatter and cuter than the day before!

Aren’t those faces adorable?! These puppies love snuggles, warmth, nursing, and just like Dory’s puppies, have been introduced to the Super Dog program that we use for all our pups for a superior neurological foundation for life!

Please note that all of Patsy’s pups are already reserved. 

First Litter of English Cream Goldens at Windy Knoll Goldens

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of our first litter of English Cream Goldens!

Dory’s and Dozer’s little goldens were born on March 25, 2020, beautiful, tiny white little bundles!

Four males and four females complete Dory’s healthy, vigorous litter of calm, laid little pups.  They keep quite busy with nursing, sleeping, snuggling with our children, and conducting themselves quite composedly while going through their daily Super Dog program.

Dory bears herself as beautifully and royally as her European lineage would suggest, while the sire of this litter, Dozer, is a gorgeous, friendly AKC English Cream who is also a certified therapy dog with outstanding health clearances – so these young canines have a firm foundation for a great future!

Please note that all of these puppies have been reserved.


Your Dog Cannot Give You COVID-19 From AKC

EDITOR’S NOTE: A big, blinking, red stop sign of warning: There is absolutely no connection between the COVID-19 virus and any canine coronavirus referenced in this article. Most importantly, even though dogs can get a mild respiratory form of the canine-specific coronavirus, that virus is totally unrelated to the current human pandemic. Bottom line: Your dog cannot give you COVID-19.

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

Precious Luggage

One of April’s little boys, affectionately dubbed “Mops,” was introduced to lessons on coming by his enthusiastic five year old teacher Elizabeth. He responded just as enthusiastically and then was rewarded with a backpack ride which he also seemed pretty happy about. Wouldn’t you agree he’s some precious luggage?!

Care for a Ride?

April’s cute Golden pups are more interesting to treat to stroller rides than baby dolls, in the children’s opinion! A few pups thought it better to escape the stroller for independent exploration, while a few snuggled down in for a cozy ride.  And one little fellow thought it prudent to supervise the proceedings from his post underneath the play John Deer tractor!

Happy Spring!

Although the temperatures are due to plummet this weekend, we’ve enjoyed plenty of  heralds of the coming season here at Windy Knoll Goldens: our sap lines are dripping furiously, the only remnants of winter’s snow are scant, worn out piles here and there in cool corners, rubber boots have replaced winter boots as mud multiplies, and it’s even warmed up enough for April’s puppies to spend some moments outside exploring!

Her adorable five boys and four girls were a bit hesitant at first as they tentatively tested out the feeling of mud, gravel, and grass under their paws, but in short while their uncertainty gave way to excitement. They even got to share their experience with our curious kitten Faith, who loves to be involved in the puppies adventures!

Happy Spring! 

Just Like a Baby….

Our girls love cuddling April’s snugly little pups in their arms just like they are babies! And these cute little canines don’t mind a bit! 

What’s in Your Shopping Cart?

Our little three year old has a precious load in her shopping cart today. It’s even better than toilet paper – an adorable, sleepy little Golden pup in her cart that she is giving a ride! :o) 

Enjoy a a few other pictures of April’s growing, happy, healthy litter of snugly little Goldens!

Three Sleeping Cuties

April & Charlie’s Lovely Golden Pups Experience Collars and Kittens

April and Charlie’s three week old AKC Goldens grow cuter and more adventurous with each passing day! This week, Arielle, with the enthusiastic help of our two and three year old kiddos, fastened a soft, sturdy color on each pup. While we worked and played with the pups, our inquisitive, friendly kitten Faith stopped in to say hi. The pups didn’t seem to mind her greetings!