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Care for a Ride?

April’s cute Golden pups are more interesting to treat to stroller rides than baby dolls, in the children’s opinion! A few pups thought it better to escape the stroller for independent exploration, while a few snuggled down in for a cozy ride.  And one little fellow thought it prudent to supervise the proceedings from his post underneath the play John Deer tractor!

Happy Spring!

Although the temperatures are due to plummet this weekend, we’ve enjoyed plenty of  heralds of the coming season here at Windy Knoll Goldens: our sap lines are dripping furiously, the only remnants of winter’s snow are scant, worn out piles here and there in cool corners, rubber boots have replaced winter boots as mud multiplies, and it’s even warmed up enough for April’s puppies to spend some moments outside exploring!

Her adorable five boys and four girls were a bit hesitant at first as they tentatively tested out the feeling of mud, gravel, and grass under their paws, but in short while their uncertainty gave way to excitement. They even got to share their experience with our curious kitten Faith, who loves to be involved in the puppies adventures!

Happy Spring! 

What’s in Your Shopping Cart?

Our little three year old has a precious load in her shopping cart today. It’s even better than toilet paper – an adorable, sleepy little Golden pup in her cart that she is giving a ride! :o) 

Enjoy a a few other pictures of April’s growing, happy, healthy litter of snugly little Goldens!

Three Sleeping Cuties

April & Charlie’s Lovely Golden Pups Experience Collars and Kittens

April and Charlie’s three week old AKC Goldens grow cuter and more adventurous with each passing day! This week, Arielle, with the enthusiastic help of our two and three year old kiddos, fastened a soft, sturdy color on each pup. While we worked and played with the pups, our inquisitive, friendly kitten Faith stopped in to say hi. The pups didn’t seem to mind her greetings!

April and Charlie’s Almost Three Week Old Golden Puppies

April and Charlie’s adorable litter of pups are almost three weeks old now, growing stronger and chubbier by the day, bright, little eyes wide open to the world around them, and little legs tottering here and there when they are not busy eating or sleeping!

April patiently lets her hungry pups fill those tummies up!

New Puppies At Windy Knoll Goldens!

We’re so happy to have a new litter of beautiful little Golden pups here! 

April and Charlie’s adorable puppies arrived on February 16th, 2020! April, as a first time mom, came through labor and delivery very well, and quickly settled into taking great care of her lively, healthy, hungry little canines! Her nine chubby pups, five cute boys and four cute girls, have also settled nicely into life in the big wide world.

The extent of their world right now, however,  is very cozy and limited, consisting of warmth, napping snugly with mom and siblings, lots of nursing, and sweet snuggles with the children!  At the rate they are growing, though, their world will quickly expand to include eyes opening, little legs toddling about, and adorable little barks and growls in place of the small, sweet whimpers that make up their vocal chorus right now.

We love the privilege of watching and interacting with each pup as they grow and learn and hope you’ll enjoy glimpses into their lives as well! 

Really, Grampa?….And then what happened?”

We Have A Winner for our Caption Contest!

Thanks, everyone, for all the great caption ideas you shared for our adorable Golden puppy photo!


And congratulations to Suzanne P. for submitting the winning caption! Enjoy your soap, Suzanne!

It’s a Caption Contest!

This adorable photo of one of our pups is definitely a unique capture – and we thought you might give us some help coming up with a great Golden Caption for it!

So put on your thinking caps, come up with some great ideas, and submit them via email or comments. At the end of the week (February 15th), we’ll select the best caption and award the winner with one of the cute dog themed soaps pictured below! And seeing as this soap is a wonderful, all natural, goat’s milk soap great for either your Golden OR yourself, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Re-homed…2 Dark Red Golden Retriever Females

Here are two wonderful little 9 week old female pups who are available their forever home…

…which means that you have the opportunity to bring some Golden joy into your life! 

The lighter puppy on the left is from a different litter and has found a new home.

Both of these puppies have cleared their vet check with flying colors, are up to date with all their vaccinations and deworming – and are ready to come fill your home with joy and friendship!

The smaller puppy is from a different litter and has found a new home.

If you are interested, please contact us for additional details or for an appointment.

Each of our Windy Knoll Golden pups (including these little gals) comes home with:

  • AKC registration papers Limited registration (limits the breeding of the dog)
  • 12-point Vet Screening protocol
  • Non-toxic 9-way vaccines
  • Worming including traditional and Non-toxic wormers
  • Lots of natural supplements (NuVet Plus, Garlic, and other natural immune boosters)
  • US Military Super Dog Program
  • Health guarantee
  • Optional micro-chipping
  • A special package of puppy care info to get them off to the best start possible along with a collar and leash
  • and with lots of love! :o) Our goal is to have all our puppies friendly and well-adjusted to people and kids when they leave here.