How Are “Our” Puppies Doing?

“Our” Puppies

It’s been about two months since we saw all our summer puppies off to their new homes. Thankfully, though, it was not the last that we’ve heard of them – we’ve been delighted to receive updates from many of the new owners on how “our” puppies are doing!

If you are one of those folks, I’d like to extend my thanks to you ! It always brightens my day when a good puppy report comes in!

Two of Betsy's sweet girls, sending a "Hello" from their new home!
Two of Betsy’s sweet girls, sending a “Hello” from their new home!

Take, for instance, the lovely photo above that I received just the other day, along with this encouraging report:

“Good morning to the Moore family

Hope you had a great vacation and now enjoying Indian summer.
Thought I would give you an update on the girls. Both are awesome pups. House trained from day 1, listen very well and are having fun being together.
Many people have said how beautiful and well mannered they are.
We have given your name to many so you may have some from NH next year.
They do not sit still long enough for an good side by side picture lol so this is one of them in the truck.
Kaylee is on the left.

Thank you again and we are so glad we got two.”

One of Betsy's boys is growing into quite a handsome fellow.
One of Betsy’s boys is growing into quite a handsome fellow.

Or there is the report from an older gentlemen whose very life seems wrapped around his new canine companion. I don’t forget the family who hesitated to add a puppy to their mix, but are now thrilled with their new addition! And of course, it’s wonderful to get to see real life updates of one little pup whose new home is right next door to ours with our wonderful neighbor. Cheryl and Bella paid us a visit just the other morning. Bella is growing like a weed, and could hardly contain her excited wriggles and kisses as she greeted us! She is such a pretty girl – and I can see Shep written all over her sweet face. She and Cheryl are best of friends, and she’s provided Cheryl with timely emotional support during a very difficult time in Cheryl’s life.

How are your dogs and pups doing?