A Glimpse of Today…

Brushing Windy Knoll Polly

We have an over abundance of burdock plants infesting our yard, and Polly managed to run through a patch of the dried, dead stalks and pick up a nice collection of burs in her auburn coat. I figured I would enjoy giving her a good brushing out – but instead I found myself surrounded by little helpers all eager to give a hand! So we took turns, and I don’t think Polly minded all the extra attention!

AKC Golden Retriever Polly gives kisses

Jonathan carefully extracted burs with our special grooming brush, while Mary engaged in conversation with Polly.

Our Beautiful AKC Windy Knoll Polly

All brushed out, our Polly is such a beautiful girl!

AKC Windy Knoll Jenny is our blond sweetie

Jenny also received her share of attention and grooming. She proved her usefulness in a new way as she undertook the “job” of cleaning up the crumbs under our toddlers dinner seat! Goldens do like to be useful, you know!

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