Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!!

Our sweet AKC Golden Betsy relaxes as we work

Surprises happen sometimes! We have puppies on the way from Windy Knoll Betsy and Green Mount Pastures Shep!

Betsy 500px

Putting a post up like this was the last thing from my mind, but…  When we noticed that Betsy seemed to be gaining weight, and looking a little saggy, we chalked it up to her more laid back ways and hearty appetite. After all, we had no intention of breeding her and were being very careful. However, with continued abdominal roundness and development of the mammary system we have realized: Betsy is expecting puppies! By the her size, I am taking a guess that we’ll have puppies from her in the next week or so. Our faithful Green Mountain Pastures Shep is the sire of this litter.

AKC Windy Knoll Betsy