Pictures of Polly’s Puppies

Family raised AKC Golden Retriever dark red puppies nap peacefully together
Sweetness itself!

Polly’s puppies are thriving and growing! Their little eyes are opening more each day, and instead of crawling around, they are now trying to stand on their little wobbly legs and stagger around! One little pup was so cute today as, instead of the little squeaks and grunts that are the usual product of their vocals, he took to tiny little barks instead! Such a tiny little pup acting so grownup had me chuckling!

As Family Breeders of AKC Golden Retriever puppies, our puppies are handled and socialized from day one
Esther is old enough to really enjoy these puppies and loves to cuddle one back to sleep in her arms!
Famiy Breeders of AKC Golden Retrievers puppies
Mary also is a veteran puppy snuggler and finds this stage of the puppy’s life most enjoyable.

Oh, and by the way, as you’ll find out in the next post, we have several hour old puppies from Betsy that arrived this afternoon. It’s amazing how HUGE Polly’s puppies are in comparison, although they were the tiny ones just eleven days ago!

Polly's Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy snuggles with Esther

Our Dark Red Golden Retriever puppies from AKC Windy Knoll Polly at twelve days old
This is often how you’ll find the puppies when they are not busy nursing. Puppies need lots and lots of sleep!
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