A Quick Picture Post

One of Polly's AKC Golden Retriever pups snuggles in a lap- a benefit of being family raised in New England

It’s been a little while since I posted any news or photos of Polly’s and Betsy’s puppies. No worries; life is busy and sometimes it’s difficult to find time for everything, so things like posting pictures tend to get pushed to the back burner! Consequently, this will be a  post of few words, but of a number of photos of both sets of puppies taken over the past few days!

Jonathan prepares a puppy for bed by snuggling

And by means of a quick update:

Polly’s puppies have started in on food and are chowing down with hearty appetites! Their movements are much more coordinated, and although we still often find them sleeping, we will also find them tumbling about together, wrestling and chewing on one another.

AKC dark red golden retriever puppies eyes are bright and wide open on Windy Knoll Farm

Betsy’s puppies eyes are wide open and bright with curiosity, as they toddle about, not quite as smooth as Polly’s pups, but working hard to catch up! Their soft little squeaks and murmurs sometimes errupt into the cutest little barks and growls, which are especially prevalent if they are eager for a meal.

Our AKC family raised Golden Retrievers enjoy lots of snuggles with our young children

Both Polly and Betsy's puppies enjoy being raised by family in New England and enjoy sleeply cuddles with family

One of Polly’s pups (back) and one of Betsy’s pups (front), both little girls, enjoy a snuggling duet with Jonathan.

Family raised AKC Golden Retriever puppies get lots of attention on our New England farm

The children’s favorite job while we are taking care of the pups daily needs is holding the puppies while their pens get cleaned.

Betsy's AKC dark red golden retriever puppies enjoy Christmas Carols along with Mary and Esther
No, posting this picture wasn’t a mistake. Here, Mary Grace and Esther are whistling Christmas carols to  their little canine companions in concert with the music in the background. Either it was so beautiful it lulled the puppies into sweet repose, or it was too much for their little ears and they could only escape it by sinking into sleep. :o) I tend to think it the former, but being slightly biased as the mother of the two little whistlers, and not having a puppy’s perspective, I won’t make any definite statements.

A snuggly sixsome - three children and three AKC Golden Retriever puppies

The children’s favorite stage of puppies is pictured right here: that soft, cuddly, sleepy stage where almost anytime of the day, any puppy is content to curl in a warm little lap and continue on with their slumbers!


Fun snuggles with our family raised AKC Golden Retriever puppies

Good Night!