Golden Retriever Baseball

Sunday afternoon was a breezy, blustery, sunny afternoon – just the kind of afternoon to practice baseball with our aspiring young baseball players! Jonathan, at five, is the most excited young team member right now, and his frequents hits of the ball as he practiced his batting skills had us outfielders rather busy. All at once, an idea struck me as I noticed someone else’s interest in the game. Stonewall Jackson, bounding up and down his fence line, kept a close eye on the progress of the ball. Jack just loves retrieving balls – why not let him in on the fun too? I soon had him out in the field with us, as an active member of the team. His job was to sit by my side with Elizabeth and I patting him, while Daddy pitched the balls to batter Jonathan. As soon as Jonathan scored a hit, Jack was released and bounded joyfully away to retrieve the ball. Talk about a great outfielder! His speed far outdid mine as well! Ball in mouth, he would come racing back to Greg to deliver the ball. I would then call him back to my side, where he sat quivering with excitement, eyes on the ball, waiting eagerly for his next chance! Of all our dogs, Jack excels at and loves retrieving, and I vote that he’s the best outfielder on the Moore Family Baseball Team at the present time! His Golden Retriever Baseball is a great hit!

Golden Retriever's play baseball too!
Unfortunately, we were all too busy playing to grab a picture of Jack in his role as outfielder, but he was every bit as happy as this golden!

Oh, and about that update concerning recent work going on around Windy Knoll Farm that is suppose to be “coming soon?”…. well, it is still “coming soon”, but that is a rather relative term these days, so the exact time frame might better be termed “sooner or later.”