A Puppy Picture Post

I don’t know about you folks, but we’ve sure been enjoying some beautiful New England summer weather around here! Jenny’s puppies, who are now five and a half weeks old, are also loving the sunny, warm days, and are as busy as every growing, exploring, playing, and of course, most importantly, sleeping! After all, they’re still just babies, and babies need lost of rest to grow as healthy and strong as they are! Enjoy a puppy picture post for a little update on our Windy Knoll Golden pups! 

Kisses from a sweet, AKC Golden Retriever puppy

These little goldens are growing so big and strong

Jenny's adorable AKC Golden Retriever puppies range from beautiful light cream to slightly darker


Puppy Peekaboo over the side of the wheelbarrow

Our AKC Golden Retriever Windy Knoll Jenny is a proud contented mother



Next week, we’ll be checking back in with news of the puppies first vet exams!