Two Weeks Old and Growing Fast!


I have a confession to make: I am late with posting these pictures of Betsy’s adorable little pups! That’s not entirely unusual, I’ll admit, as the busyness here between family and dogs often fills my time to the max! Therefore, though it’s only been a few days since these pictures were taken, Betsy’s puppies have already changed tremendously again!




Each of the seven pretty pups are growing very rapidly, and as of several days ago, their little dark eyes have opened, allowing them glimpses into their new and exciting world! Somehow, when those little eyes open, it adds a whole new dimension of cuteness to their already adorable puppy features!


These growing canines have also discovered their strengthening little legs, and can now be seen toddling about their pen, their most important mission being to make sure their stay near Betsy so that when hunger strikes, food is not far away!


Not only can we watch in delight as the pups walk about, we can also chuckle over their developing communication skills as cute little growls, barks, and grunts have replaced the newborn squeaks.  There’s no doubt about it: each pup is taking their development seriously and racing on to new goals each day!

Our neighbor, Cheryl, who is our faithful dog caretaker when we are away, often enjoys coming over to visit the puppies and spoil Betsy!