Allow Me To Introduce….

…Windy Knoll Polly’s and Green Mountain Pastures Shep’s Golden Retriever puppies!

Polly and Shep’s puppies arrived on October 1st, 2016 (yes, I know it’s taken me awhile to send out the news, but such is life at times!), a fine, large, healthy litter of ten puppies, six males and four females! At one week old today, these adorable little Goldens have not only grown tremendously (yes, all that nursing pays off!), but have also grown even cuter with each passing day.



Ten puppies is a lot of young ones to look after, but Polly has settled into the task quite well, busy with nursing her pups, making sure they are clean, gathering them together when she feels that they’ve become too scattered, and eating hardily to keep up with the demands of nourishing her litter! We’ll let her (and Betsy, our other mother of seven pups who are two weeks older than Polly’s pups) outside at regular intervals during the day, and we know when Polly is ready to get back to her pups, as she’ll remind us with short little yips that she thinks it’s high time to return to her babies! (In fact, excuse me a moment: I hear Polly calling now…)




Those of you who are on our wait list for this litter will be receiving an email from us shortly, letting you know if we have a puppy available for you from this litter, and inquiring if you are still interested in placing a deposit to reserve a puppy. We work on a first come, first serve basis, after our pick of the litter male and pick of the litter female have been fulfilled, so if you are farther down the list, please be patience as we work our way through and hear back from the first individuals. We look forward to being in touch with you!