First Collars for Our Puppies!

It’s been a little quiet here on our blog and facebook, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening here at Windy Knoll Farm! Quite the contrary; it’s just that sometimes so many things are happening that there is not time to post them! Betsy and Polly’s pups, who are six weeks and four weeks old respectively, are so much fun as they expand on their skills each day. It’s great entertainment just to sit and watch them wrestle, growl, bark, run, play, and generally romp with abandon, and it’s great pleasure to cuddle their soft, plump, warm little bodies in our arms. One recent activity with Betsy and Polly’s adorable little puppies included putting little Velcro collars on for the first time. Soft, adjustable for those fast growing pups, and a variety of bright colors, these collars help to easily identify each puppy. We have so much fun working together as we take care of these beautiful little goldens and their devoted mothers!

Warning: The pictures in this post are not the greatest, but we still thought you might enjoy a little glimpse of our activity with the puppies.

Esther cuddles one of Betsy’s little boys before she hands him to me for collar identification.
Mary Grace is very gentle with each of the pups, and carefully adjusted the collars around the puppies little necks.
It’s such a pleasure getting to enjoy these beautiful little puppies and I love every minute of it!


I had to work fast to keep up with my two little helpers, who brought me Polly’s puppies one by one as I put collars on them.
Even Anna joined in the fun, observing Polly’s puppies all about her!