Jenny’s Puppies: Three Weeks Old-Playing & Chowing Down & Growing!

Most of Jenny’s puppies are just as content to be laid upside down in the childrens’ arms, just like babies, and snuggle in for a rest.

Jenny’s seven little AKC Golden Retriever males turned three weeks old yesterday! This past week has brought a rapid leap in their development. From tottering about, they’ve graduating to mini wrestling contests. As soon as they hear us opening the door of their pen, the entire pile of puppies scramble up from their sleepy heap to come discover what is happening. Most of the time, I think they are eager for their Mommy, Jenny, to be returning from her outside breaks to nurse them, but their excitement over some playtime with the kiddos is also growing. They especially love nibbling shoes.


Do you see the puppy in the basket? The children thought it would be fun to make up a cozy basket bed, and this little guy snuggled right in for a comfy nap!

A visit from family for several days this past week meant that we had seven children in addition to our own five, all of whom were delighted with such cute puppy bundles to snuggle. You could have walked into our home many times during those several days and discovered a whole group of us gathered on the floor with puppies in assorted stages of relaxation in the children’s arms!

This little guy relaxes among the heap of his brothers.

One of the puppies enjoyed his first car ride this week – on a toy car that is! He was completely relaxed about the whole trip, considering it a rather unique but suitable location for a rest!

Not only is the coordination of the puppies growing, their appetites are also growing! They were delighted with their first nibbles of softened food this week!

Elizabeth carefully helps to prepare a small dish of food for the puppies to sample.

Embedded below is a video that will show you how much some of Jenny’s puppies enjoyed their food this morning!



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