Cute Collars for Cute Golden Pups!

Today, the children and I marked each puppy in Polly and Sunny’s litters with little identification colors. I think that the bright, soft, velcro colors only add to the cuteness of the puppies’ already adorable features! In the video above, you can see Polly’s pups, who are a week and a half old, and whom Mary made sure to point out each different colored color on each puppy! Of course, the two females are marked with the bright pink and purple colors, while the males were given more manly colors. If you look closely, you’ll see that their eyes have opened, and they are enjoyed a new view of the little, warm world around them.

The cute collars for cute golden pups also adore Sunny’s nine healthy young ones, who’s strengthening little legs are getting much more adapt at carrying their little owners around! A week older than Polly’s pups, they’ll even engage in the cutest little tumbling and wrestling matches!

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