Beef Bones – Great for Goldens!

As the health of our Goldens is extremely important to us, we’re always looking to make each one of their bites count – including their treats. You know the saying: “You are what you eat!”

Our sweet yearling female, Spice, chews a beef bone.

I don’t believe that phrase was coined with dogs in mind, but it is every bit as applicable to our canine companions as it is to us! One of our dogs favorite treats are meaty beef bones – large bones sourced from grass-fed, natural, and sometimes organic beef cows that provide hours of healthy, happy chewing!

Look at that gorgeous, thick, soft, luxuriant coat! The healthier a Golden’s diet, the healthier their coat will be!

Yep, beef bones are great for Goldens! Give it a try for the Golden in your life and see if they don’t agree!

Ginger, Spice’s sister, definitely agrees that beef bones are great!