Guess What’s Arrived At Windy Knoll Goldens…?

….A whole lot of cuteness in the  form of brand new, perfect, adorable little AKC Golden puppies! That’s right, we’re excited to announce the arrival of TWO beautiful litters of puppies! Yes, it’s been BUSY around here!

Jenny’s puppies arrived promptly on their due date – May 7th, 2018. Her strong, healthy litter of six half English Creams have beautiful almost white coats – with the exception of one little fellow who is a bit darker than the rest. Jenny, as an experienced mother, takes great care of her hungry bunch of little goldens – two adorable little males and four cute little females, all of whom take their eating and sleeping quite seriously!

If you see a few “extra” puppies in Jenny’s litter, you are not imagining things: Jenny is helping care for several of Sunny’s huge litter!
Our children are so excited to have puppies to hold again!

Just to keep things from calming down too much, Sunny’s labor started just hours after Jenny – May 8th, 2018! We knew Sunny was quite large, and anticipated a good sized litter. Still, it came as a surprise when she presented us with THIRTEEN lovely little goldens! Yes, you read that correctly – thirteen! That’s a record here at Windy Knoll Goldens!  And what’s even better is that all thirteen puppies are strong, thriving, vigorous little dark goldens! Sunny is doing a remarkable job caring for such a large clan, while we keep busy pampering both her and Jenny so they are able to best care for their young!

Sunny’s looking great for just having delivered thirteen pups!

We’re thrilled to have newborn pups again, and the children could hardly wait until they could hold the little canines for the first time!

You can see the color difference here between Jenny’s blond pup and Sunny’s darker offspring.

Things aren’t bound to slow down here soon, either! Polly’s litter is due anytime now! Polly’s happy, healthy, and looking rather large! Any guesses as to the size of her litter?

All of the puppies from both of these litters are already sold. If you have reserved a puppy from one of these litters, we will be contacting you soon with additional details and puppy availability. We appreciate your patience in hearing from us as we work our way through our wait lists, inbetween caring for puppies!